Monday, July 13, 2009

A stress-free day

Isn't she beautiful? This past Saturday, my family and I went to the MN Zoo. We were celebrating the girl's birthday a little late this year. When I asked her this past spring what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said "Go to the MN Zoo." Easy enough. I'm so glad she's easy to please and not at all demanding of unrealistic gifts and attention. (Okay, brag over -- for now.)
As happens often in our experience, the expense made us blink. It was nearly 70 dollars for our family of four to get day passes to the zoo. For an additional 25 dollars, we could become members of the zoo for one year. So that's what we did. Now, as members of the zoo, we can come as often as we like for the next year. Which will be nice. There are many exhibits indoors at the MN Zoo, so we can come in the dead of winter when crowds are fewer, and see the animals. And trust me, the tigers are way easier to see when there is snow down than when the grass is waist high in their multi-acre exhibit.
The highlight of the day for me, among many great moments, was getting to feed a giraffe. A once in a lifetime experience. Heather's favorite animal of all time is the giraffe, and she got close enough to get licked by that spotted skyscraper. Me too!
All in all, it was a wonderful, stress-free day. Peter took a zillion pictures with his new camera, and the kids and I walked (A LOT! It's a sprawling zoo.) and looked and people watched and got THIS CLOSE to a bull moose.
On the writing front, I mulled over a story idea set in a zoo. (How could I help it?) And I'm all finished with the read-through edits for Lily and the Lawman and am ready to put new words on starting today.
How about you? What'd you do this weekend, and what are the plans this week?


  1. Great pic and yes, she is beautiful! We've been considering visiting the Toronto zoo lately. Now you make me want to do it even more. Happy belated birthday to Heather!

    We spent the weekend preparing the girls for camp.

    Hey, I thought you wrote historical. Did they have zoos in historical days?

  2. I didn't do anything that special this weekend. I finished my read through for my wIP.

    How fun about Lilly and Lawman!! Yay! And a story set in the zoo....all I can think of is a crazy tiger getting loose and wreaking all kinds of havoc. More of a bloody thriller than romance....but maybe. :)

  3. Oh, Eileen! Can we go with you to the Toronto Zoo? We've got a DVD set called Zoo Diaries, all filmed at the TZ. We feel like we know some of the animals and keepers.

    As for historical...zoos have been pospular throughout much of history. I was thinking about a story set in one of America's oldest zoos. Like Philadelphia's zoo maybe?

    Have to file the idea away for perusing later. :)

  4. LOL, Katie, that sounds like Zoo Tycoon gone wrong. We play ZT, my daughter and I, and once one of my lions got loose. It wasn't pretty.

  5. I love giraffes! I think they are some of the most fascinating animals on the planet, probably because they're just so different.
    And I laughed when you mentioned that you wanted to write a book set in a zoo after visiting - I always do that! I go somewhere interesting, or just peaceful and want to incorporate into my book.

  6. You got licked by a giraffe? Aren't their tongues like big and black? Wow, that is one adventerous weekend ;)

  7. Glad you had enjoyable day. Giraffe spit and all. I love visiting zoos and had the pleasure of visiting the MN zoo when I visited The Land of Here There Be Dragons 3 yrs. ago with The Young One. We loved the zoo. Loved that you could take the tram in comfort instead of sweltering in the heat

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Woo hoo, we are going to the zoo this week too! The Denver Zoo. My mother-in-law sent us a year membership in the mail so we're trying to get our use out of it, it's great!

  9. LOL! Glad you had fun at the zoo!!! I had 2 birthday parties this past weekend and my writer's group to go to, not to mention grocery shopping and shuttling my eldest to a birthday party for her friend. I'm tired. *yawn* and Next weekend will be even more busy!!

  10. How fun! We went to the Detroit Zoo a couple of years ago and were incredibly amazed at the cost (for our family of seven!). Needless to say, we'll only be making a trip to the zoo every few years! BUT we ALL just loved it!

  11. Hi, MeganR, Thanks for dropping by.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets book ideas from the places I visit. I think that's why it's so vital for me to go see the places I'm writing about as much as possible.

    Of course, this leads to a lot of family vacations going to historical sites and museums. :)

  12. Georgiana, yeah, long black tongues. Something like a foot and a half long? Dunno, it seemed pretty big to me. :)

    CJ, I wish I had gone with you to the zoo instead of staying at the zoo I was at! We didn't ride the monorail this time. For the first time in a long time, I was healthy enough to walk the outer trail with no problem. :)

    Cindy, my family will be coming with me to ACFW and they will take in the Denver Zoo while they are there. Though I'll be sad to miss it, I'll be conferencing. :)

  13. Yowza, Krista,

    You had circus weekend! How are you going to top that next weekend? And will you get to rest up during the week? After my relaxing Saturday, I spent Sunday afternoon filing quarterly reports and running payroll for the business. :)

    Jody, I imagine that the times you do go as a family to places like the zoo are all the sweeter for being rare, and I'm sure your kids are grateful for the chance. And that's a good thing. We saw plenty of children this Saturday who were not being grateful for a zoo outing.

  14. Saturday our two remaining kids at home (from this point onward lovingly referred to as TRKH) were gone. After sleeping in (it was another long, long week), we moved about slowly! After finally getting around to "sermonizing" (I told you, it'd been a long week), I grilled some of the best tasting marinated ribeye steaks we've had in a long, long time. Watched a romantic comedy with Ann (I'm gonna need me some John Wayne now). Rushed out of church on Sunday (that happens like, what, once every two years for me) to watch the BOY play in a JV BBall tournament. He played well in their second game, but the team was pretty tuckered by game three and just couldn't make it happen.

    This week? I'm really, really, really hoping nothing happens so I can get caught up on some long, lost reading. Then on Sunday, a Jewish rabbi, who knows Jesus is the Christ, will be with us on Sunday. Met him in Israel and he is a fascinating man.