Thursday, July 09, 2009

Heading for Construction

One of my goals for this year, one that I didn't post on the monthly goal list, is to get a website up and running, one that this blog will link to and from.
That means decisions. I have a webmistress working with me. (Waving to CJ.)
We're talking about colors, layout, written copy, links, text boxes, photos, cover art, photoshop, etc. Pages, static or scrolling, html, keywords, goes on and on. Fortunately, she knows what she's doing. :D
She's currently giving one of her websites a makeover. You can check it out at
So, in this information gathering stage, do you have some favorite author websites that might give me some ideas? I've already found some things I like and some I don't.
My likes:
Buttons that say what they are for and are easy to find.
Pretty colors
Not much clutter
My Dislikes:
I don't like anything that follows my cursor around like a row of bumble bees or hearts
Visual clutter
having to scroll forever to find any links or buttons
What do you like in a site, and what don't you like?


  1. OK, today you stumped me. Probably because I rarely visit author websites nowadays. I used to frequent them, and my favorite part of the site was always the "For Writers"--clearly labeled, and hopefully including the magic ticket.

  2. You've probably already checked hers out - but Betsy, the author you interviewed not too long ago - I LOVE her website! I also really like Nicole Baart's website. I just launched my own website...but that's not very fancy. Pretty basic. :)

    I can't wait to see yours!!

  3. I'm with you--I don't like anything that follows my cursor around and I don't like music either. Realized yesterday that my little slide show of novel writing was making noise everytime anyone visited my blog. Had to delete it. Sorry if you found it irritating.

  4. Oh, Jess, I wasn't irritated by the slide show. I thought it was cute and funny.

    I'm not much for music on a site either, but then, I usually have the speakers turned off when I'm surfing, so I can't tell if a site has music or not. :)

  5. Erica, you pretty much nailed what I like about websites, too. Expressing who you are would probably be the top thing on the list--What is the first thing that comes to mind when your website pops up? Super chic, contemporary girl? A homey feel perhaps? Romantic? A little western mojo? Rock star? You get the idea--colors and graphics that reflect who you are and the tone of your writing. Other than that . . . I totally agree--not too busy, no bouncing dots, easy to use tabs, etc. Hunt down your favorite authors or go to someone's site who has a gazillion links and look through what they have. Fun times ahead. Get out your hammer and nails!

  6. Just like writing, good website design takes planning. You don't need to confine yourself to looking at author only sites to get ideas. If you're in a bookstore check out the computer graphic design area and browse through those books such as The Web Designer's Idea Book by Patrick McNeil. You don't need to buy. Flip through while sipping your favorite latte