Friday, July 17, 2009

The Friday Five

I have a friend who is using The FlyLady system to get her house company clean. She started out slow, and is now almost through the fluttering stage to the flying stage. She's got one more room to reclaim from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.)
So, I was thinking about my own house. Admittedly, I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper. There's not a lot of clutter (unless you count my husband's side of the desk - but that's HIS problem) but I don't make a fetish of housekeeping. Company can drop in at any time, but they might find a basket of laundry in the living room waiting to be folded, or that my dining room floor needs swept.
This past year, in order to keep abreast of the housekeeping tasks while juggling several other jobs, I decided to deep clean one closet or hidden area a month.
So, today's Friday Five is:
Five things you'll find in my closets.
1. Puzzles and Games. I have a whole closet devoted to this. It was originally going to be a coat closet, but we've found it much handier to toss coats on the balustrade when folks come in.
2. SHOES. I've got a boatload of shoes in my bedroom closet. Shoes for all seasons. Black, brown, blue, and my favorite Red. :)
3. A pet carrier. I bought the smallest size pet carrier because I have a small cat. I should've bought a bigger one, as there would be more room to get her into the box (she resists this procedure) and when folks who have larger cats want to borrow it, it would work better for them.
4. My wedding dress. My mother made my wedding dress. It's so pretty.
5. Christmas ornaments. I have several boxes of Christmas decorations.
Soooo, what's in your closet?


  1. The front closet has coats, laptop case and a plastic rolling drawer organized to hold hats, gloves, and purses and totes.

  2. I can so relate to the too small cat carrier. They really hate going in those things!

    I need to do the fly lady thing--seriously I do. Every room but my living room falls in the CHAOS. I'm the hugest clutter bug.

  3. I am the Queen at hiding clutter. Our house looks very uncluttered from an outsider's perspective...but just take a peek in our junk drawers or our closets, and you will discover the truth.

    Hmm...that could really be a Freudian thing. What does that say about me? I put up a front of being a put-together person, when really I'm a mess inside? Insteresting thoughts...

    Good idea aobut cleaning one hidden place a month. SO many spiritual analogies are running through my head right now!

  4. My mother made my wedding dress too!!!
    I have the usual stuff in my closets, but I do keep my prayers journals from years past in the top of my own personal closet. :)

  5. CJ! I need one of those rolling drawers for hats and gloves. That would make my mudroom closet much more organized!

    Eileen, I love the new picture!

    Katie, wow, deep stuff! You could write a devotional about that topic.

    Sherrinda, I've never been much of a journaler until I started blogging. Maybe it's because my penmanship is so lousy. :)

  6. Oh, that's so special that your mother made your wedding dress! I love it (kind of brings tears to the eyes :D). And oooh, a pair of red shoes. I have never owned a pair of red shoes and I've always wanted to. Maybe when my book comes out I will treat myself to a fun pair :) That give me an idea...You know that I always get ideas from your posts?

  7. I seem to have a lot of old linens. Not nice ones, old ones that should be tossed. And work clothes, even though I don't work! Suits galore.

    If you have enough games to fill a closet, we'll be over on Saturday night. We're killer on Cranium. We'll sling our coats on the balustrade.

  8. Ugh! I'm still trying to make through my summer cleaning. Since I homeschool, I just don't have time to keep up with things throughout the year. So, I try to tackle the piles and cluttered closets during the summer! I'm way behind!

  9. My closet has a Kevlar vest in it.

    Not mine.


  10. We have a games cupboard too and my mom also made my wedding dress! Other than that, my closet has a couple 1800s-style costumes, my sewing box, and the usual clothes. I'm not a shoe person (though my daughter seems to be!). And I like neat so I tend to organize and declutter regularly, especially now that we're talking about moving again.

  11. Okay, Kevlar? Seriously? That better be for the small-town cop thing. :)

    And Koala, what type of 1800's costumes? Civil War w/hoopskirts?

  12. My coat closet contains a few coats, my DH's shoes (don't ask me why, it doesn't make any sense!), games, my tool box, and a cat carrier.

    The guest room closet contains the laundry basket, our luggage, extra blankets, DH's few winter clothes, and my Christmas decorations.

    Then in the master there are two closets. The smaller one is full of boxes and cleaning supplies, the large one our clothes and my shoes.