Friday, July 10, 2009

The Friday Five

Today I'm guest blogging over at Seekerville. I hope you'll jog on over to Seekerville and check it out.

The title of the blog post is "What to Expect When You're Expecting." It's about the limbo-land between contract and publication.

But it did remind me of the need for a Friday Five. So, today is Five things that Happened to Me when I was Pregnant with My First Child. (The first picture is of my baby girl at 2 years old. The second is of my baby girl at age 11. She turned 17 last week. Sigh)

1. I craved Oranges. A. Lot. Of. Oranges. I asked the doctor if there was anything in oranges that would hurt my unborn baby. He said "No." and gave me a strange look. Then "how many oranges are we talking?"

"Six, maybe more a day. One at each meal and one for a snack in between each meal."

He laughed and said "Be glad it's oranges. For some women it's Snickers bars."

I thought Heather was going to be born with a peel on her head. :)

2. Morning sickness. EW. Had it.

3. My husband started practicing his dad jokes -- you know, the ones that are so bad you have to groan, then laugh because dad thinks he's so funny? Peter practiced his dad jokes for months before Heather was born.

4. The smaller the infant is, the more STUFF they need. Crib, changing table, baby clothes, diapers, pacifiers, diaper bags, toys, travel crib, stroller, car seat, high chair, walker, etc. The list of stuff to get before the baby arrived was tyrranizing.

5. fun. Swell up like the Michelin Tire Man, go to hospital where doctors frown and look at monitors and take blood pressures, then suddenly decide to race down the hall for an emergency C-section.

How about you? Anything interesting happen when you were expecting your first?


  1. Oh, I can't wait to run over to Seekerville and read your article! Sounds like a very interesting post, almost like it should come next after the ones I've written this week. *sigh* Maybe someday!

    Pregnancy stories. Well, since I have five children, I could probably fill up a notebook with my stories! :) But the hardest moment for me was when I was at a routine office visit at 30 weeks for my twins and the doctor sent me by ambulance to the regional NICU hospital because I was in labor and didn't know it. After a week of trying to hold them inside, they were born nine weeks early at 3 pounds each. I praise the Lord that they're now almost ten and completely healthy!

  2. Erica - oranges? A peel on her head? Oh my lanta, that had me rolling!

    While I was pregnant, nothing that exciting happened. It was a pretty easy pregnancy. The only thing was that I could no longer stand the smell of brocolli. I would snarl at Ryan everytime he ate it, which is a lot. The man's a brocolli freak.

  3. For my first child, I had all day long morning sickness for three full months. The smell of anything cooking made me run the other way. That was a long summer. The next three months were what my Dr. called a more normal morning sickness, just not normal timing.

    That's the part my head remembers. My heart just remembers being so happy and loving the baby to be, who is now 20! It was so worth it!

  4. P.S. Love the pictures!!

  5. Jody, you have FIVE children? NO way! You look like a girl yourself! That must be a busy, busy household.

    I'm glad your twins are healthy. That must've been way scary. Were they your first children?

  6. Katie, I used to love broccoli, until I was pregnant with Heather. Then it made me sick and I've not been much of a fan of it since.

  7. Linda, ugh, you poor thing. All of Mike's amazing cooking and you can't have it (at least not for long?)

    And you done good on the 20 year old. (and the 16 year old too for that matter) :)

  8. Lol about the oranges! My cravings were sunflower seeds and jalapenos. Not at the same time, though, so at least that doesn't make me sound too weird :)

    Other stories...well, emergency C-section, which was very scary. So fast and unplanned, they had to use general anesthesia so I was unconscious the entire time. My entire family got to see my little girl before I did. But once I woke up, feeling much, much better (as I had gone through ten hours of labor before hand), it was wonderful! She was precious (still is).

  9. LOL, oranges!!! I didn't know it was possible to have such a strong craving...for fruit!!!! I really didn't have quirks with the 1st, other than the fact my dr kept telling me I NEEDED TO GAIN MORE WEIGHT. And I couldn't, no matter how much I tried. Of course that never happened again.

  10. Had morning sickness all day for the first 3 months. Went to the hospital at 7pm because of spotting. Doc said nothing to worry about just a good show. Go home. Must have been a slow night because the nurse said let's put you on the monitor and then "Oh my! You're in labor!" We thought by midnight we'd have our baby. 24 hrs after we arrived and an unexpected c-section we did. The Eldest turned 21 today

  11. Peel on her head was funny. Oh, and do you still eat oranges or did you overdose and are sick of them? I had no food cravings but the smell of Lysol spray made me hurl

  12. Haha! Love it!

    1. Your oranges were my Carebear fruit snacks and baked cheetos. Every night during wheel of fortune. At least they were baked right??? lol

    2. Pregnant, living with sister, building house in country, hubby career change, first book contract deadline - all at THE SAME TIME.

    3. Feet swelled so bad in last month that I literally could not bend or flex my feet. The skin couldn't move another fraction of an inch. Just couldn't.

    4. Moved into our new house 5 days before giving birth.

  13. Oh, the first pregnancy. I remember believing you automatically fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans after six weeks. Let me tell you, I cried a river when they barely went over my knee!

  14. Wow, Cindy, that's scary. My C-section wasn't that rushed. They had time to do an epidural so I could be awake.

    Georgiana, I've NEVER had a doctor tell me to gain weight!

    CJ. I still love oranges. :)

    Jill, six week? Yikes, Mine was more like six years...or even longer!