Friday, July 31, 2009

The Friday Five HAIR!

Every year, My buddy Georgiana posts a list of things you won't see her wearing at the ACFW Conference. In the same vein, I'm posting hairstyles you won't see me wearing at the conference. These are so bizarre! More than five, but enjoy!

Rhino Hair?

I could so do this one! But why would I?


For Heather, because she loves Giraffes.

Dumbo, anyone?

Trophy Buck!


Soft, like a bunny!

Seriously, WHY?

Grizzly hair or Grizzled hair?

Makes me want to throw it a fish.
So, any hairstyle tips for a conference?
Thanks to Pastor Kevin who sent me a couple of these and led to an internet hunt for the rest.


  1. WOW! I think you really should consider a moose or elk. You could represent your state. Maybe I'll do a wolverine? Hey, we'd attract agent and editor attention, wouldn't we? :)

    Seriously, those are hilarious! And your question sums it up pretty well. Why?

  2. Those were....bizarre. One hairstyle you shouldn't consider is bed head

  3. Oh, my, I've never seen anything like those before. Definitely not for me!

  4. What in the world? Those weren't real, were they? So strange! I think you should go with the lion....I like your rawr. :) I usually do nothing wiht my hair except blowdry it and straighten's not curly, but it's not straight either. It's sort of wavy/frizzy. :)

  5. Eww Eww Eww!!!! LOL, I seriously do NOT think you could do any of them. Now, I'm wondering...who on earth styled that, stood back with a finger poised over their mouth and said, "That's a really good look for you." ???

    Man, I didn't even think about the fact that I wouldn't have my annual post! Sniff....

  6. Hmm, my daughter loves turtles, do we think someone could create a hair turtle, swimming on the waves...?

  7. Aren't those the weirdest?

    Jody, I have enough hair to do a moose or elk, I bet. Or how about a timberwolf to represent MN?

    CJ, I rock the bed head look! :)

    Eileen, how about a polar bear for Canada?

    Katie, it takes hours to straighten my hair. My arms are about ready to fall off when I'm done. Guess it's a good workout though. :)

    Georgiana, do your annual post anyway! Please??? And you're right. What was the stylist thinking?

    CKHB, a turtle in waves? I bet these folks could do it. Wouldn't it look spectacular with greeny-blue hair? After all, how much weirder can these get?

  8. Ha! I can't believe you found those pictures!! They're hilarious! Although, sometimes I wake up to that big frizz pile...

  9. These are hilarious! I wish I could watch them being created. Wonder how long it takes to style just one of them?

  10. That was just weird. Imagine how self-conscious you'd be wearing your hair like that to the conference :) I don't get it...

  11. I like the giraffe and trophy buck. Who thinks these things up? Wild! Pun intended!!

  12. Oh my word! Who on earth would take the time to do something like that?

  13. Jill, I have that puffball hair! Takes ages to straighten.

    Jess, I think it would be great to watch too. And I think it would be funny to have done...but not for conference!

    Cindy, yah, that would be the ultimate in self-consciousness. Though they'd be talking about you for years to come.

    Carmen, I liked the lion and the bunny.

    Rachel, it's amazing what you can find on the internet, isn't it?