Monday, June 01, 2009

The Support Staff

Even though in the end writing is a solitary pursuit, most writers don't live the writers life alone. We have critique partners, writing buddies, mentors, writers' groups, e-loops, and publishing professionals that come beside us on the journey. If you belong to a professional organization like the RWA, ACFW, SCBWI, or The Writer's View, you have hundreds of writers to share the path with.

But many authors have another support system. Friends and family in their day to day life that hold them up in prayer, ease the load so the writer can concentrate on writing, and cheer them up and onward.

It's time for some thanks to the support system in my life.

Bigtime husband points to my beloved, who this last week sent me off to write with a hug and a kiss, and who stayed home and did laundry and worked on landscaping. He also brought the kids with him to the movie theatre to meet me after a long day writing. We all watched a movie together, then went to Culvers for supper. He's so cool, and so supportive of my writing. One of the sweetest things he ever said to me was that he never thought in terms of IF I would get published, but always WHEN I got published. He believes in me and does what he can to help me. I'm so blessed.

The girl. What can I say? She's my sounding board, my cheerleader, and plot buddy. She cooks dinner, and does a dozen other chores so I can focus on writing. She's always up for a brainstorming walk when I'm stuck, and comes up with great ideas.

Then there is my little firecracker son. Talk about a trooper. He is willing to go to the library for hours, or the coffee shop, so I can write. He takes books, artwork, puzzles, etc. and sits still. You can't know how difficult this is for him, but he comes through for me. He's excited to hold my book in his hands.

Then there is my SIL. Isn't she beautiful? (Can you tell she and my husband are related?) Linda is also a key member of my support system. In the 'every dark cancerous cloud has a silver lining' world we're living in, Linda is my silver lining. Our trials have brought us closer together, and I couldn't write in this difficult season without her in my life. Thank you, girl!
I am a blessed woman. In addition to my loving family, my church has been amazing, and I have some close friends who support me every single day.

Who is your support staff? Has someone come alongside you to help you on the way?


  1. Great post! What a neat family God has blessed you with. My support staff is definitely my husband...who does a lot of stuff around the house so I have more time to write. Then my brother and sister-in-law, who are two of my biggest fans.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to your family! I just loved the pic's! Everyone is so full of life!

    I would have to agree about my hubby! He's always had the mindset of WHEN, not IF. And he is always encouraging, telling me I'm talented and smart (even though he's never read any of my books, so he doesn't know how stinky some of them are!). And he's willing to take the load many times too, to help me get extra writing in.

    My mom is my biggest cheerleader. After my husband, she's the one I call first with every tiny bit of writing news!

  3. You have a great team!

  4. That's a nice post! My support staff would be my husband for sure. He picks up the slack when things get busy and always encourages me.

  5. I LOVE the pictures of your family. Your son looks like a hoot! It's great that you have a strong network to help keep you rolling.

    My support system starts with dear hubby, who works 12-14 hours a day so (first) I can stay home with the kids, and then I can write.

  6. This just makes me go "awww..." Very nice! How wonderful to have a supportive family. They're all so cute! My support? My family and writing buddies--oh, and my cat! She sits with me every day when I'm typing.

  7. I love how similar the wave of dad & daughter are; and then there's James! Firecracker is good. Now if you just had an audio file from several years ago off the old Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler commercials: "Thank you for yer support!"

  8. Happy to be a member of Team Erica! I get to say I know a for real author, very cool.