Monday, June 15, 2009

Professional Photo

Here it is. This is my first author photo. I had my hair done and my makeup, and got my nails done (In my favorite red. :) ) Then off to the photographer who took 20+ pictures. I seriously wished they had come out looking a little less like me and a little more like Sandra Bullock. :)

The reaction from most folks has been positive. Though there have been some comments about how straight my hair is in the photo. Noteworthy, since my hair usually resembles a poodle in a steady drizzle.

Also this past week, I wrote my author bio. I felt like Bob Dole, writing in the third person about myself. Before I started the bio, I went to the Heartsong website to read bios of other Heartsong authors to get a feel for what the publisher was looking for.

Each of these steps brings me closer to holding my first novel in my hands. I think the next steps will be seeing the cover art and proof-reading the galley sheets. Four months and counting until The Bartered Bride releases.


  1. Erica, the photo looks fantastic! I saw it over on FB but it was so little! I just had a photo shoot this past week too! A photographer friend took me to an outside location and snapped a ton of pictures too. I don't have the disk back from her, but she emailed me a couple to use until she gets them ready. It was so strange to have so much attention on me! So, what kind of photo is best for ACFW? If you see the one on my blog, let me know if you think that would be okay to email to Camy. I'd appreciate your advice!

    And how exciting to be getting this far! You're so close now!

  2. That is an awesome photo! I love it!! And how exciting about Bartered Bride. Plus, I see on the side bar that your 10 K away from finished your WIP! YAY!

  3. Love the photo!

    And I love each new step that brings us closer to the book coming out. I'm so excited--how do you stand it??

  4. Jody, the picture on your blog would look great on the big screen at ACFW. :) And you're right, having all that attention focused on you is an odd feeling.

    Katie, thanks for noticing the counter. It's creeping up as I get out of the corner I wrote myself into. :)

    Linda, I'm so glad you're close by to hop up and down with me as we cross each milestone. I can't wait to put my first book into your hands.

  5. I love it! Plus, I can't wait to see your cover. Fun things ahead....

  6. I can hardly wait to see the picture on the back of your book! And maybe get a chance to mix pictures, music, and copy for a trailer (shameless plug (-; )

  7. Beautiful, Erica! Red is definitely your color, and I love your hair. I can feel your excitement about your debut release--won't be long now!!!

  8. LOVE the picture! Your heart looks spectacular! You could totally dot hat all the time. Beautiful. This is all so exciting!

  9. Erica, I'm so looking forward to seeing the cover of your book and getting to read it.

    Your picture looks really good! The red was a nice choice.