Thursday, June 11, 2009

Less than 100!

Did you notice the ACFW Countdown? EEEEK! The counter went down under 100 days!!!
What does this mean? It means I need to get busy! I need to finish this WIP and pull together a proposal for a new historical series.
And I need to decide if I'm driving or flying to Denver.
This is always a difficult time for me...I don't want to wish away the summer, but I sure am looking forward to the conference.
What do you need to do before September? Have you got specific goals that you're aiming for? Are you using the next 90+ days wisely?


  1. AH!!! Wow - that's crazy! But I'm definitely not wishing away the summer! If I could, I would put it in slow motion!

    Ideally - I want to get proposal packages finished by the conference for my three books. We shall see. :)

  2. Only 100? Seems like months away to my busy brain! Guess I need to get my plane ticket! Since I live in Michigan, I definitely need to fly! And then, what else do I need to do? Hmmm... Maybe someone experienced at the conference scene should give us newbies a few posts about what it's like, what to bring, etc. Uh-Hum. Hint. Hint. :)

  3. Time flies when you're having fun

  4. Oh, I'm busy, Erica. I'm revamping my very first story once more, and I'm committed to finishing the story that finalled in the Genesis contest with at least one round of edits completed. It's currently going through the Pearl Girls (my critique group) a couple chapters at a time.

    Then I have to work on my log lines and pitching material for both stories. Lots to do when the kids will be home. I guess 5:30 am rises will be the norm this summer.

  5. OOHHHH, I SO have to get that countdown for my website!

    I am so darn excited! I already am registered, have my tickets, hotel booked.

    What I still need to do? Book car rental for the few days hubby and I are staying after the conference. Redo my one-sheet. Order new business cards. Get headshot done (I really wanted them for my business cards this year, but am TRYING to lose a little more weight before I do so.) Finish my complete proposal for my 3 book series.

    AND AND AND. I just got a new book idea. A big part of me wants to jump in a hole and write like crazy and try to finish the rough draft. *gulp* but in 90 days??? It's a tall order, but I finished my first book in that amount of time. It is a book for a targeted publisher/line, so... I don't know. I don't want to bite off more than I can handle but my heart is just bursting with this idea. We'll see

  6. Ugh I need to think about it!! Still dreading my airplane flight. But thanks for the countdown reminder. I need to get busy too. At least my hotel and flight is booked.