Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Forever Characters

Know this guy?
He's a favorite of my son's. We currently have the first four seasons of MacGyver and plan to round out the series. I have to admit, I am a Richard Dean Anderson fan too. Loved him as MacGyver, and even before that, when he played the oldest brother on the brief "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" remake.
My SIL and I (over Jimmy John's Sandwiches - I think) were talking about how MacGyver is an icon. He is referenced in pop culture. We could each name at least one current tv show that had made a reference to MacGyver.
Face it, who else could save the world with a paper clip and some mayo?
MacGyver is a unique character. His special talents combined with his backstory and his quirks make him stand out in the crowd of tv characters to the extent that when someone mentions him by name, everyone knows who he is. How did a science geek with a penchant for health food and an extreme dislike of guns come to be the character we know and love as MacGyver? Wouldn't it be great to have characters like this?
What is unique about your current character? How does his talent, quirks, and past make him the man he is in the story?


  1. I would love to have the kind of character that people can remember long after they put down my books! I'm not sure I'm there yet! But I'm working at it!

  2. All the unique things that make a hero stand out from the crowd. And it doesn't hurt if he's good looking too

  3. I'm really working on creating two unique characters before I start my new WIP. I want them to be vivid and memorable.

    Can you believe I've never seen MacGuyver?

  4. Speaking of MacGuyver, I once heard you can fix anything with duct tape and a roll of toilet paper.

    Anyhoo, I must work on the memorable quirks to make my characters...well...memorable.

  5. Holy cow! MacGuyver saved the world with paper clips and mayo? I thought it was duct tape and a tooth brush. I used to LOVE MacGuyver.

    You make a great point with this. Even a character with unusual talents and quirky characteristics stands out. Makes people want more. This is a challenge with characters and I think I've really only read a small handful of books where I find myself REALLY liking the character and remembering him or her long after.

  6. I love his shows too, but only my youngest likes them too.

    He's an awesome example of wise characterizing. I need to take some lessons from him.

  7. I never really cared for MacGuyver. I'm too hung up on Magnum! Way better IMO.

    However, my favorite MasterCard commercial is the one with MacGuyver in it.