Monday, June 29, 2009

Could it be????

This photo is from flickr. A very clever photoshop job.

Word has it that Brett Favre will announce he's signed with the Vikings over the Fourth of July weekend.

Oh, man, I hope it is true. I'm getting a purple #4 jersey. :)

And birthday wishes to the girl. Many happy returns of this day. I love you, sweetie.


  1. AS a former Wisconsonian in the land of cheeseheads and Packers, that will be CRAZY if Favre turns into a Viking. :)

  2. This would be super good news. As you know, I'm in a mixed marriage. Born of the Packer clan, wed to a Viking.

    Do you suppose we could see Brett in a Helga hat?

  3. Brett in purple? That will give us more hope than we have had for a while.

    And Happy Bday to the sweetie pie! Love you!

  4. Just last night I was missing football, so this post is especially welcome! I'm kind of up in the air about Favre. It's like--"hey, I'm retired. Nope, I'm not retired. Hey, let's go play for the biggest rival of the team that made me famous." Uggh.

    Since I'm from Michigan, I'm really hoping Detroit can win at least ONE game this year!

  5. Isn't being on the cover of SI a death knell for an athlete's career? Or is that just superstition?