Thursday, May 14, 2009


Here are the Finalists for the 2009 Genesis Contest. Congratulations to all the finalists!

CONTEMPORARY FICTION:(total entries: 44)

Sharon Ball
David W. Fry
Jennifer Griffith
Ane Mulligan
Patty Slack

CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE:(total entries: 75)

Cathy Bryant
Kathleen Haynes
Lisa Jordan
Christy LaShea Smith
Eileen Astels Watson

HISTORICAL FICTION:(total entries: 39)

Nancy Herriman
D'Ann Mateer
Christina Miller
Sandi Rog
Christine Schmidtke

HISTORICAL ROMANCE (six finalist entries due to a tie, but one is adouble finalist):(total entries: 57)

Jody Hedlund (double finalist with two entries)
Lisa Richardson
Connie Stevens
Gina Welborn
Lacy Williams


David Fry
Anne Greene
Dineen Miller
Lynda Schab
Alan Schleimer

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE:(total entries: 50)

Mary F. Allen
Wenda Dottridge
Danica Favorite-McDonald
Kelly Ann Riley
Janet Warren


Valerie Comer
Megan Ebba
David Fry
Suzanne Krein
Lisa Tuttle

WOMEN'S FICTION:(total entries: 62)

Cathleen Armstrong
Marie Wells Coutu
Candee Fick
Julie Garmon
Ashely Weis

YOUNG ADULT:(total entries: 37)

Kasey L. Heinly
Gretchen Hoffman
Susan Miura
Diana Sharples (double finalist with two entries)

This year, the Genesis had a whopping 454 entries! That's a gigantic 43% increase from our numbers last year! Hooray!


  1. Erica - thanks SO much for all your work for the Genesis contest. I'm definitely looking forward to getting comments back from the judges! Maybe next year I'll get "the call". :)

  2. Katie, that's a great attitude, and it will take you far. And I hope you do get "the call" next year. I hope I'm the one who gets to call you! :)

  3. Thanks Erica! I know I'll keep trying! I just blogged about it all... about the fears and doubts and faith involved in this journey!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to swing by my end of the blogosphere and congratulate me! I truly appreciate it! I read your interview on Katie's blog a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed hearing your Genesis story!

  5. Thanks for posting this list, Erica! Would it be possible for me to post it on my blog, WordVessel? Just let me know...

    Thanks again! Blessings!

  6. It's fun to rejoice with the finalists--woohoo!

  7. Great minds think alike, huh? I'd just posted this list when the box for your blog came up. It's an exciting day for the finalists--I wish them all the very best!

  8. Thanks, Erica, for cheering us on! And for those who didn't "get the call" this year, hang in and keep working. I didn't final last year, yet that's the manuscript that sits on 3 editors' desks. Gina Holmes didn't final with the manuscript that won her an major contract. And I've always learned so much from my judges. :) So thanks to all who judge.

  9. Cathy, feel free to post the list. Let as many people as possible know about the fabulous writers of the ACFW.