Monday, May 04, 2009

Winding things up and looking forward

Spring is a time of winding things up and looking forward to summer.
We wind up school. My son has been done for a couple weeks, and my daughter has finals coming up in a couple weeks. She's marking things off her course requirements, things she's worked for months on. Papers, speeches, presentations. At the same time, registration is opened for her next semester, and my son's textbooks arrived for next fall.
Sports are winding up. I'm watching the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs (aka the second season). The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, though I don't watch them. At the same time, baseball season is back. Cubs' games, Twins games, and the surprising Kansas City Royals. Love the boys of summer.
We've put away the snowblower and already the neighbors are mowing, filling the air with the smell of fresh cut grass.
I tipped the treadmill into the upright position. It's time to walk outside.
One thing that isn't winding up as quickly as I'd like is my current WIP. I keep pecking away at it, near the halfway point now. I'm hoping to wind up this first draft by June 1st.
Tomorrow is Goal's day. Time to evaluate how I did in April and set new goals for May.


  1. Hi Erica! I hope things wrap up for you sooner than you expect!!

  2. For all that you have going on, it's amazing that you're still making progress on your WIP. Looking forward to tomorrow's post because those always kick my behind and make me want to do more :)

  3. I agree with Georgiana. you've been doing an amazing juggling act. I hope to get myself as organized as you are.