Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Funny Thing happened...

Something funny happened to me the other day when I was waiting at Panera Bread for my daughter. Heather was at the Y working on her Red Cross Lifeguard Recertification, and I had four hours to kill, so I headed to Panera with the laptop to work on edits to Clara and the Cowboy.

After I had been there awhile (I ordered soup and a sandwich--they have really good French Onion Soup) the manager came up to my table. "Are you working or playing?" She motioned to the laptop. (She was really sweet, not telling me to move on or anything. The store was practically empty, and I think she just wanted to make conversation.)

"Working. Editing a novel." (Okay, so I had been checking my email and updating my status on Facebook, but I was also working on the novel.)

This led to a little discussion about writing and publication. We talked about the books releasing next year and about how long the publication process can be from contract to book launch.

Her eyes got round, and she said, "So, the publisher pays you for that, right? So, you're like a millionaire now, huh?"

I did NOT fall off my chair laughing, because her question was sincere, even if her perception of what a writer makes was a little off the mark.

Am I millionaire from writing books? No, but I'm richer than I've ever been in the friends and colleagues this crazy journey has brought to me.

How about you? Are you feeling rich?


  1. HA! That's how I used to think when I was younger. If you sell a book - you make lots of money. I know better now. :)

  2. I guess our perceptions are in the "it's always greener on the other side" category. LOL

    As to richer, when I was a programmer I made good money. Not millions, but I had a very good salary. I also had a lot of aggravation between clients and office politics. Even though my salary doesn't come close to what I used to make, working for myself: priceless

  3. I am rich beyond measure in the joys and love of the people the Lord has placed in my life, especially these days. Money not so much, but the joy in my heart is priceless.

  4. LOL, naieve Panera lady!

    Some days I'm richer than others. Hoping today is a rich day :)

  5. I've definitely prospered in this journey with friends, spiritual growth, and even educationally.

    I'm finding very little wealth in life is hooked to the monetary. The wealth that really matters is priceless and yet amazingly financially free!

  6. I do feel rich in friends and acquaintances I've made along the way. It also makes me feel prosperous knowing that what I write will reach the people it's supposed to and I can glorify the Lord in my words.

  7. That's too funny! It's hilarious the misconceptions that people have about publishing books and the money! In fact very few us even strive after making money. I wouldn't be doing this at all if I was simply trying to make money. I can think of a LOT of other ways to do that quicker and easier!

  8. You mean "The Vetsch Memorial Church Library Wing" project will now have to be postponed? And I was so hoping for Caribou Coffee and big, soft comfy chairs, with a fireplace in one corner. Oh well, back to scratching off those lottery tickets. D'oh!