Friday, May 01, 2009

The Friday Five

A few weeks ago, I posted about the summer I lived in Colby, Kansas, and mentioned "The Greatest Vacation Ever" that we took that summer.
So, here are five things I remember about that Vacation:
1. The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. I think this was the birthplace of my love of history, museums, and in particular Egyptology.
2. The accents we heard when we went to Duluth, MN. Boat is pronounced boot, mountain is moontun, etc. The funny thing is, I talk kinda like that now after 15 years in the gopher state.
3. Seeing prairie dogs in a zoo exibit at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth. It baffled us Kansans as to why they would put something so common and pesky in a zoo.
4. Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. We read the billboards advertising the Drug Store for hundreds of miles before we pulled into town. As an 11 year old, it was worth all the hype. I got a Breyer horse there. :)
5. Visiting the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado and watching a helicopter rescue of some climbers who got stranded on top of this big old spire of rock with a thunderstorm rolling in and lightning flashing everywhere.
What was your most memorable childhood vacation?


  1. Actually, we went through Nebraska and SD to visit relatives and stopped at Wall Drug. I got one of those YA books Bethany House published in the 80's where the heroine's name was the title of the book. I think that and the Corn Palace were the highlights for me.

    Just kidding. It was definitely the book.

  2. LOL! Sad to say, the Corn Palace didn't make my top five, though we did stop in Mitchell to see it. I took my kids to see it a couple years ago.

    They were...underwhelmed. We had more fun at the Doll museum across the street...well, all of us but James, who would've preferred something a little more manly than hundreds of dolls in tea party vignettes.

  3. We had a family vacation to Buffalo, NY to visit my uncle. Highlights: I was given my own transistor radio, playing in a storm drain with one of the neighbor children, Niagara Falls and the Floral Clock. For years I told everyone my uncle designed the hands for the clock. Found out when I went to work for him, his steel company provided the steel for the hands of the clock. Side trip to Ft. Ticonderoga where the guide wanted me to close the fort gate to show how easy it was. I screamed bloody murder didn't want know part of that. And a trip to Howe Caverns which I have no recollection of.

  4. and in English that would be didn't want no part of that. I was 7 years old on the trip to Buffalo,

  5. Freshman year - we went on a two week road trip to Salt Lake City - camped in the mountains with no tent, went hiking, made stew over a fire, and then went to Snowbird and that was the first time I learned to snowboard. So much fun! Plus, I missed a week of school. Gotta love that, right?

  6. I meant to say freshman year in high school. :)