Monday, May 11, 2009

Book signing

This past week I was pleased to get to attend a booksigning at my local Christian Bookstore, Christian Book & Gift in Rochester. Four women from Bethany House Publishers were signing their historical fiction.

Lauraine Snelling

Nancy Moser (who couldn't attend because she got ill, though she did send signed bookplates)

Stephanie Grace Whitsun

and Kim Vogel Sawyer.

I was so happy there was a good turnout for these fine ladies. And everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I purchased A Promise of Spring by Kim Sawyer. It was so nice to see Kim again, to talk about Kansas a little, to hear some of her exciting good news, and to get my book signed. When I read the back cover copy of A Promise of Spring, I KNEW I would love it. Kim has such a gentle, touch with her historical romances. She always delivers an enjoyable, thought-provoking read.

I couldn't help but daydream a little bit about how it might be to sign my own books at Christian Book & Gift. I think the way these ladies handled it was great. Several authors who all write historicals, well advertised with a post-card mailing in advance, posters, etc. Fresh flowers on the tables, lots of books on hand, helpful, attentive staff. It was just so nice, I can only hope if I get the opportunity to sign books at CB&G, that it will go as well.


  1. You will definitely get your chance! I can't wait to see pictures from it, too :-)

  2. How fun! I love Kim Sawyer, too. Don't you think the multi-author events are better attended? You'll be signing your books before you know it. Will your first book be out by ACFW? Can't wait!

  3. Better do some penmanship exercises to limber up so you'll be ready. I'll be happy to go through them with you: push-pulls, lazy 8's, tornadoes...

  4. Carla, I doesn't look like Bartered Bride will be available until a month or so after the conference. :( But this way I'll be able to sit through the banquet relaxed and actually be able to enjoy the good food and the goings on without worrying about anything! :)

  5. Ceej

    I'll be sure to have the red pen with me. :)

    So you're telling me that all those tornados and things I draw on my bulletin in church are really penmanship warm-up exercises? Who knew? LOL