Monday, May 18, 2009

BloomingTown MN

Yay, flower time in MN. Renewal, beauty, and a chance to hang out with my kids and laugh. Last Friday James and I went to the nursery and picked out plants and flowers for my little garden and flower boxes and pots. I have a little garden because as much as I love flowers, I despise weeding. My goal is to cram in so many perennials in the plot that the weeds have no room to grow. :) Now if I could just keep the deer from giving my day lilies a buzz cut.
Another sign of spring here is the turkeys. This is a picture of the one who was taking a stroll through the back yard.

And the calves. We drive by a pasture full of calves on our way into town. In April the cows drop their calves, tan, black, brown, some with white faces, all adorable. There must be about 100 calves, napping, running, nursing, and staring amazed as cars go by on the gravel road. I stopped to snap this little beauty one day last week. By October she'll be a husky vealer about three times this size.
What are the signs of spring where you live?


  1. Green, green, green everywhere! Thunderstorms and allergies, of course!

  2. Your front porch looks so pretty. I don't like gardening mainly because I don't like getting my hands dirty, and pulling weeds is not fun. Signs of spring are the crop of forget-me-nots and dandelions in the lawn

  3. Your porch looks great!

    We spent Saturday swapping the summer stuff for the winter stuff in the garage. Lawn chairs, bikes and flower pots out, snow shovels put away. Yay!

  4. Signs of spring? Oldest daughter sneezing incessantly. LOL!!! I didn't realize you lived in the wild. Turkeys and deer in your yard, wow!!!

  5. Oh, I love your flower pots. They look so bright, especially the rectangle pots on the porch.

    Dandylions are our huge spring opener, followed by lilacs. I love my lilacs but they last such a very short time. And, yes, I'll agree with Katie, green grass. So nice to see after a hard winter's brown turf resurfaces from the melting snow.

    Spring is great!