Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Photos

One of the dilemmas of having a blog is finding blog pictures without ripping them off other sites. I'll confess that when I first started this blog, it never occurred to me that taking a picture from another site was actually stealing. Naive, I know.

But what to do? I take photographs myself, but I don't have pictures of everything I'd like to talk about on the blog.

Enter MorgueFile. This is a treasure trove! Everything from Lighthouses to Cowboys. Perfect! And all free! I've found pictures for everything I have wanted to talk about on the blog. I encourage you to check out this fabulous website full of images for use by bloggers and other creative types.

I also use free clip art pictures from time to time, and I'm building my library of photos and images. I love MorgueFile and I think you will too.

Where do you find your blog images?


  1. I find most of my pictures over at Flickr in the Creative Commons area. There are several levels of licensing, but I get my pics off the Attribution License. All the contributors require is their name linked back to the correct page.

    Thanks for the tip on MorgueFile. I'll check into it!

  2. Stealing?! Yikes! Hadn't thought of it that way.

    Uhhhh, it's best if I don't tell you where I've been getting my images, as I don't want the men in the black suits and sunglasses showing up at my door.

  3. Like Jill, I use Flickr. Particularly helpful recently because I've used some for my book trailer. Getting music was the bigger challenge :)

    Thanks for the new site suggestion.

  4. Thanks for the reminder about MorgueFile. I've not tried it, but have it bookmarked and had forgotten about it. I used to use the Microsoft clip art, but it doesn't come up since I've switched to a Mac, but I have a slew of pictures saved from there (holidays, etc.). I also pay $1 sometimes for iStock photos and depend on my own camera as well. I never steal from other sites--someone told me not to early on. I do copy and paste from Amazon for book covers, and I don't know if that's legal or not. Anybody know?

  5. MorgueFile is great, thanks for the tip. I also subscribe to Dover Publications. You can download copyright free images when you subscribe. Most would be best for scrapbooking, but you never know when or where something will come in handy, like Gibson girl images.

  6. Put me in the naive category!! I don't want to tell you where I've been getting mine either! And shame on me, I should know better. I give my students this lecture at the beginning of every school year! Umm... definitely going to start using the websites you provided! Can't wait to chat!!