Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What makes a bad day better?

Okay, so yesterday wasn't a great day. At least it didn't start out that way. Then it got better, then it got worse, then it got better, then it got worse...kind of like the ribs of a plot skeleton:

This is good, this is bad, this is good, this is bad...sigh

So I tried to define just what it was that was making the day good or bad at any given moment. (Analytical me...it's a curse.)

Good: Woke up this morning. Always a good thing.

Bad: The back spasms that have sidelined me since late Friday night have not gone away entirely. Constant charlie-horse between my shoulder blades. Grrr.

Good: Got bookwork done over the weekend in spite of back problems (Payroll waits for no man--or woman either.) So no bookwork to do this morning.

Bad: Got a call from the shop. Somehow I had misplaced a customer's payment and accidentally billed him. Profuse apologies, high and low hunt for check, check found, me feeling stupid, hating my job, and wishing someone else would take it over so I could focus on the things I WANT to do and not just the things I HAVE to do.

Good: Last week of seventh grade for the youngest. Focused on finishing science today...and spelling.

Bad: Customer bounced major check and refuses to discuss payment options. Time to call in the lawyer. (Who, frankly, is good at his job of collecting delinquent payments and scares me more than just a little. Think Stephen King meets F. Lee Bailey.)

Good: Mail arrived with three fun things to brighten my day--A) Writer's Digest Magazine, B) The first season of the TV Series The Young Riders and a copy of Tom Selleck/Sam Elliot in The Sacketts on DVD, and C) a wedding invitation.

Bad: Paid property taxes. Wicked high taxes and my kids don't even go to public school. I like to pretend all MY money is going to improve roads and pay for firemen and policemen. :)

Good: Got supper in the crock pot and eldest's test scheduled for tomorrow morning.

And so it went. Like a drunk pendulum. My emotions were all over the place.

What did I realize at about 4 pm?

That I was letting circumstances dictate my happiness level. Well, phooey on that. I have much to be thankful for, and not much to grouse about. I refuse to be pushed around like this by a set of random circumstances. I WILL be happy, because I have the Joy of the Lord.

So there!


  1. I will choose Joy with you. I only wish it were as easy as it sounds.

  2. HAHA! You're a riot. I personally think the calling in of the scary lawyer (who's on your side) should be filed under good.

    Thanks for the reminder not to let circumstances dictate.

  3. Up an down like a seesaw. At least it adds variety to the day and no two days are alike.

  4. I'm so glad I was part of the good in a not-so-good day!