Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stress Eating

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that the past little while in my life has been stressful. And I'm stress eating.

But I'm trying not to sabotage myself completely, having lost so much weight in the past year.

So my solution? I'm stress eating carrots and grapes.

I've been informed by a dear friend that stress eating carrots and grapes (not together) is only one step above stress eating tofu. I wouldn't know, I've never eaten tofu.

How about you? Do you stress eat? If so, what do you stress eat?

In an aside, please pray for my mother-in-law who is at the hospital today having surgery. We're blessed to live near the Mayo Clinic, and her surgeon is the best in the world at oncology orthopedics, so I know she's in good hands. But she doesn't know Jesus, and she sure needs Him.


  1. Praying!

    And I stress DRINK - Diet Coke. lol No kidding.

  2. Praying for her! And for you!

    I stress eat. I relax eat. I fun eat. I anger eat. It's not just for sustenance around these parts, it's also a favorite pass time.

    Ugh. Trying sooo hard to overcome!

  3. I never realized I stress ate at all until our little guy was born. Then I caught myself putting him to bed, listening to him cry, and saying, "I need chocolate."

    Not a good way to lose those baby pounds.

  4. I stress eat prit near anything that's not nailed down (I have to be desperate to eat carrots and grapes though). Have to learn to eat to live instead of living to eat.