Thursday, April 23, 2009

Someone to Hold up my arms

Remember the story in the Bible from Exodus 17 where the Children of Israel were fighting a foe, and as long as Moses had his arms outstretched, the Children of Israel would prevail in the battle, but if he let his arms down, the battle would be lost? After awhile, he couldn't keep his arms up by himself. He needed his friends and family to come along and support him.
My life is like that in microcosm lately. I have several things, big things, that are my responsibility right now, and any one of them by itself would be enough to classify "my job." And by the time I got home yesterday evening, I could feel my strength fading, my resolve crumbling, and my workload bearing down on me.
But, God is good. He rejuvenated my spirit in several ways:
I got a letter from a friend. Six pages! I love letters, though I don't write them nearly enough. She's thinking of me and praying for me.
I also got a card from another friend at church just to say she was thinking of me and praying for me. What is it about a hand-written note, and hearing from a church friend mid-week that just makes my entire day seem better? And I put the card close to hand so I could remind myself that I have people who care about me.
My daughter, in my absence from home yesterday, not only finished a major homework project by herself, but managed to do all the laundry in the house without being asked. Doesn't get much better in the parenting realm than that!
My husband picked up dinner and brought it to his mom's house where I had spent the day. We all shared a birthday dinner for my MIL. Isn't he sweet?
The church board meeting my husband went to last night encouraged him and uplifted him. And he was able to come home and pass that encouragement on to me. We have a wonderful church family.
How about you? Do you have those around you, lifting you up, encouraging you, rejuvenating your spirit? How can you do these things for someone else today?
And in an aside, when I get to heaven, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be disappointed if Moses doesn't look like Charleton Heston.


  1. It's wonderful that God has surrounded you. Such a reminder that we are the hands and feet of Christ.

    Praying for you!

  2. What a relief to have family and friends that help you and don't hinder you or put you down. And if they aren't at hand, grab a penny.

    LOL Yeah, Moses really ought to look like Charlton Heston. Michelangelo ought to look like him too, and El Cid, and was Juda Ben Hur a real person? (-;