Monday, April 27, 2009

Post It Ponderings

It is a well documented fact that I am a Post It addict. I have all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes. I have some with lines on them, and some with my initials.
I use Post It notes to plot novels, to remind me of appointments, to jot notes that I need while e-filing withholding taxes with the state and feds.
While my SIL and I were at the hospital last week, she told me of an unusual use of a Post It note.
Her eldest son, now in college, had bunk-beds in his room. She once found a Post It note stuck to the under side of the upper bunk. When she asked him what it was for, he told her that he had thought of something during the day that he wanted to ponder, so he jotted it on a Post It and stuck it there to remind himself. His best pondering time (like mine) was right before he fell asleep at night.
What a great concept! I often have thoughts skip through my head during the day when I'm busy and don't have time to ponder them. Post It Time!!!
I've decided to stick my pondering notes to the lampshade on my bedside table.
So, how do you feel about Post It notes, and how do you remember to ruminate on those fleeting thoughts?


  1. Love the picture you found for your blog! Very appropriate! As a teacher, I use post-it notes quite often. I have my students use them too - usually while they are reading a book. They are a great little invention!

  2. I. Love. Post-Its!!!!! Of course I love all office supplies, but Post-Its hold a special place in my heart. I use them to flag things I want to remember in my Bible, and in other books. I use them when I print out the hard copies of my own books to flag timelines and typos. I use them on my computer to remind me about (fill-in-the-blank.) Ahh, and there's nothing like tearing into a fresh pad.

  3. I use 'em at work all the time! Love it - and the brighter colors, the better!

  4. I have a pad of post its by the computer to jot temporary notes. If it's a note I need to keep awhile, I have electronic post-ts on the computer desktop.

  5. My Bibles are filled with all kinds of Post-Its: inside covers and ready for note taking, the file-marker kind to mark references during sermons and lessons. My Day-Timer calendar has all kinds and sizes. I even found some transparent post-its sometime back and have never seen them again. Boy, do I use those sparingly. They're great in the Bibles however; you can write notes and still see the text underneath.

    BTW, I love that picture!

  6. I forgot to mention, I have an application on all my Mac computers called Stickies... computerized Post-It notes!