Friday, April 24, 2009

The Friday Five

My daughter is a couple weeks away from wrapping up her first year as a college student. She's a high school junior, but through the Minnesota Post Secondary Education Opportunity, she's been able to take college courses this year.
Registration for next year is already underway. As we've been considering which classes for her to sign up for, it's brought to mind my favorite college classes. So, here are five of my favorite college classes.
1. American History II with Mr. Witherow at Longview Community College.
2. New Testament Survey with Dr. John Hartog II.
3. Senior Theology with Dr. L. Madison.
4. Western Civilization with Mr. Joel Williamson.
5. Teaching Secondary School Bible with Dr. Bonine.
I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education-Social Science from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, MO.
So, what were your favorite classes? Did you have any stinkers?


  1. I loved all my psych classes - but especially abnormal psych. Very interesting stuff. I also loved a children's lit class I took for my education major.

  2. I loved my German classes with a young instructor from Germany. She was so much fun. Also all my Medieval English lit classes, especially with Prof Gree. I had to spend Mon lunch reading aloud selections from the Canterbury Tales to him. I also took a Modern English Grammar class with him which was very interesting.

  3. We were supposed to like some? LOL--jk. Let me think waaay back. I liked my Group Dynamics class where we studied how groups interact, what types of personalities develop as the leader, etc. Oh, and communications law. Fun stuff!

  4. Great Friday Five!
    My favorite class was an elective in British Literature.
    Next, my Psych rotation my senior year of nursing school.
    Least favorite--definitely Physiology theory, although I did love the lab. We dissected turtle hearts and performed sterilization procedures on live rats. Very politically incorrect--LOL!
    I also like microbiology and set the lab on fire in there one day.
    College years drum up a plethora of fond memories.