Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facial Contortions

Okay, I'm sitting here at Caribou Coffee writing away, when I realize something.
I'm making weird faces! I busted out laughing.
I'm writing on my novel, and whenever my characters make a facial gesture, I pantomime it. Biting my lip, frowning, pressing my tongue hard against my back teeth, blinking in amazement, scowling in disbelief...I even went so far as to roll my eyes in disgust. Every emotion they were going through, I was going through with them, and every expression on their faces was mirrored on mine!
Then I looked up to see someone staring at me from the next table. BUSTED! ROFL!
I guess I'm identifying with these characters more than I thought. At least they aren't Maoris doing a Haka. Wouldn't that get the looks?
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  1. LOL Maybe they thought it was something in the coffee!

  2. Too funny! I do the same thing, only when I'm trying to get my six-month old son to eat his baby food. I'll make all kinds of faces.

  3. That's hilarious! Wish I could watch you write....