Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cover Art

Yesterday I got the cover art sheet to fill out for The Bartered Bride. It was fun to fill out the specifics on the hero and heroine, the setting, the secondary characters.

It was a challenge to pull together the pictures in my mind and try to convey those to the design team that puts together the book covers for Heartsong Presents Romance books, the same way I try to convey the pictures in my head into a story for readers.

Cover art is important. I've often picked up a book in a bookstore because something about the cover caught my eye. Cover art, titles, back cover or front flap copy, all of those combine to help me decide if I'm going to purchase a book by a new author.

I had to go back into the manuscript to remember the color of my hero's eyes. 18 months ago, I knew that book by heart...but now, several heroes and heroines have come along, and I wanted to double check to make sure.

I can't wait to get the cover art and see how I did in conveying my vision to the design team.

Oh, and happy tax day.


  1. Very exciting! Can't wait to see what the design team and illustrators come up with

  2. This should be fun, can't wait to see it!

  3. You really have had a lot of heros come and go since then! It'll be fun to see your characters live :)

  4. You psyched me out there! I saw the blog post title and thought we'd get to see your first cover.

  5. OOooops,didn't mean to psych anyone out. :)

    I'll post the cover art as soon as I get it, probably within moments of it arriving in my inbox. :)

    Thanks to you all for going on this journey with me.

  6. How cool!! That would be so exciting!