Thursday, April 09, 2009

The boys are back in town...

My husband can attest to the fact that if a television program involves a competition of more than one person and a ball, I'll probably watch it. Football, basketball, golf, tennis, I love them all. And there's also hockey, horse racing, and NASCAR to fill in the gaps.

But the current season is all about baseball. The Boys of Summer are back in town. Though I grew up as and still claim to be a diehard Kansas City Royals fan (And lately who would claim to be that who wasn't?) I am also a bigtime Chicago Cubbies fan. How do you think they will break my heart this year? I'm a Twins Fan by marriage, and will root for Tampa from time to time out of family loyalty.

Baseball is the perfect sport to watch while you're tooling around on the internet or crocheting a baby blanket.

Are you a fan?


  1. Oooo Erica - you have a Brewer's fan in your midst. Well - actually - I married a Brewers Fan. An avid Brewers fan. And he has been trying for years to help me appreciate the beauty of a baseball game. But I just don't get it. He always says if he could change just one thing about me - it would be that I enjoyed baseball like the rest of my family. :)

  2. N.O.

    OK, not exactly true. I'm a Twins fan by marriage too, but I'll never watch it without hub. Poor guy, he gets soooo overruled on the television situation. He deserves bonus points.

  3. Yes, I'm a baseball fan! I was only 8 years old in 1985, but I remember George Brett, Willie Wilson and crew in those baby blue Royals uniforms.

    As an adult, I actually have your mom to thank for my allegiance to the Cubbies. She was a Cubs fan, which turned Chris into a Cubs fan (watching WGN everyday after school, he claims), which turned ME into a Cubs fan. My first trip to Wrigley field a few summers ago was when it all came together for me. Nothing like sitting in those bleachers.....

  4. Red Sox fan by marriage. The season started on Tues. I watched a bit of the opener with Himself. Almost time to move the television into the sunroom. Like having box seats without having to use a public restroom.

  5. I love writing with baseball on in the background. It just gets the juices flowing.

    Erica, you and I are two peas in a pod--except you like every arch rival of my beloved White Sox. That might be a problem. :D

    By the way, how's Joe Crede working out for you? My husband said he hopes Joe does as well for you guys as he did for the Sox the last two years. :/