Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Goals

It's that time again. Time to evaluate and plan for a new month. I'm feeling a sense of urgency right now, a need to get a lot done right now. Sizing up my progress and plotting the next month will hopefully help me see that I am making progress.

Bold Black Ital. = Goal

Purple = April comments - I've color coded monthly comments, but it was getting too chaotic and colorful to keep adding, so I've edited things down and just included comments I felt were pertinent.

1. Editor Revisions for The Bartered Bride. Done. :)

addendum: Copy Edits for The Bartered Bride. The ms went to copy edit this past week and should return to me around the first week of June for another comb-through. Seven months until The Bartered Bride debuts. :)

2. Final read through for The Marriage Masquerade and send to editor. Done. :)

3. Edit The Engineered Engagement, my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel. This one is done until the contract arrives, then I will comb through it once more.

4. Turn in The Engineered Engagement. Sometime after June 2009.

5. Finish final edits on Clara and the Cowboy to send to editor who requested it. Done. :)

6. Begin plotting and writing sequels to Clara and the Cowboy: Lily and the Lawman and Maggie and the Maverick. I'm 12K words into Lily and the Lawman. Goal is to have the rough draft finished by mid-May. Actually, I hope to have it finished by the end of April, but I'm giving myself some breathing room because I will have contest judging to do for part of April.

7. Prepare proposal packet and three chapters of a Gilded Age mystery/romance I've got kicking around in my head, including pitch sheet and materials to pitch at ACFW. Haven't started this one yet.

8. Register for ACFW Denver.

9. Attend ACFW Denver. Less than 175 days!

10. Read 5 books on craft this year, focusing on characterization, conflict, and endings. Five down. I'm wondering if I am brave enough to start working thorugh the Breakout Novel book and workbook again before attending the Donald Maass workshop at the Denver conference.

11. Revise and rewrite some older mss to submit to a new opportunity. No action on this one as I've been busy with other things. At this point I don't know if this will get done this year. Contracted books and a new proposal take precedence over revamping old work.

12. Coordinate the Women's Fiction category for the ACFW Genesis Contest. Lots of entrants, lots of files, lots of spreadsheet data. This is going to be the biggest Genesis ever. I'm excited to get my entries to judge and to be able to tabulate the scores for my category and make those phone calls to finalists. :)

How are you coming on your goals? Are you keeping up, re-evaluating, getting lots done or barely keeping you nose above the tide? Are you like me, feeling the urge to get a lot done now, knowing a time in the future is looming where you might have to put your own goals on the back-burner?


  1. It's Spring. I must be nesting as I want to get the inside of the house painted, spring cleaned and organized before company arrives in July. In between, planning projects for my classes,working on a new venture and keeping my head above water

  2. You sure have a full plate. Is that anything like having your cup running over? HAHA, I crack myself up.

  3. I love that you're so focused . . . and productive, Erica.
    My list looks dwarfish compared to yours, but my substantive edit is in the hands of my editor (YAY!), my book cover photo is done, and I brushed my teeth today. So I'm right on track.
    Keep on keepin' on!