Monday, March 23, 2009

Spinning Plates

Do you ever feel like you're an acrobat, spinning plates on sticks and praying something doesn't fall?
That's how I'm feeling these days. All these responsibilities, decisions, tasks, and issues spinning wildly, but if I take my eye off one of them for a minute...CRASH!
I'm thankful that my son has 15 more school days before he will be finished with seventh grade. That will be a major task done. He's done so well this year, making great progress with his learning and maturing before my very eyes.
As other family responsibilities ramp up and my regular jobs of writing and bookkeeping continue, I stand back and think, "I can't do this. I can't keep all these plates from hitting the floor."
And you know what? I can't. Not in my own strength. If I try to do this in my own power and understanding, I will fail--the plates will fall. I need to lean on Someone bigger and stronger than I am.
I have a polished slab of wood hanging on my dining room wall with a verse written on it. I pass this piece of wood every day. But just recently the words have hit home with me in a new and powerful way. I'm using it as the inspiration verse for Lily and the Lawman, and I'm using it in my own life.
Psalm 9:10 (New International Version)
10 Those who know your name will trust in you,
for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.
God has never forsaken those who seek Him. As I seek him through the challenges I face with my family and career, I know He will be there, worthy of my trust, ready to help me through.


  1. Very timely, thanks for sharing these wise words.

  2. I'm a plate spinner too! Georgiana has called me that for years lol Thanks for this reminder. I can relax and let Jesus take over the act =)

  3. I love your graphic! I can't believe your son only has 15 days left. You guys must have cruised through the year!

    You and Jesus are unbeatable at plate spinning =)

  4. I had to come check out your blog because the name of my blog is very similar to yours! I guess we have more in common than blog names! I feel like I'm juggling plates too with writing, homeschooling, and all of the duties of mom and wife! It's good to know we're not alone in our struggles!

  5. where's your penny?