Monday, March 02, 2009

So Much to Be Thankful For

This past week has been so amazing. I have so much to be thankful for.

Wednesday I went back to the diabetes doctor for a checkup. I'm so thankful to report that she feels my diabetes is resolved. Thank you, Lord! This has to be of Him. No more medication. But I must still test a couple times a week just to make sure things are still on track, and I'm still watching my diet.

Which brings me to another bit of good news. I've been slogging along on a weight loss plateau for quite awhile, frustrated because I've increased my exercising, decreased the calories, and still no weight loss to speak about. I'd bounce around the same 4-5 pounds.

But the reason has come forth. I've been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Which explains so many of my symptoms. Stuck with the weight loss, cold when I've never been cold in my life, sluggish digestion, brittle hair/hair loss. So now I'm on a low dose of synthetic thyroid hormone. This medication isn't without some side effects, one of which I encountered last night. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. The doctor described this side effect as similar to when you've had too much caffeine. Uh oh. Since I OD on caffeine just by walking by a sealed can of Maxwell House, I wondered how this medication would go for me. I'm on the smallest prescribed dose, so we'll see if that is all that is needed to get things trending in the right direction.

All in all, it was a great week here. I couldn't have asked for better news about my diabetes, and though no one wants to hear that something is wrong with their thyroid, at least it explains some of my symptoms and it is treatable. God is good!

I've got a couple of other big announcements in the works, so stay tuned for those. :)


  1. Woohoo! I'm so glad your health is making a total turnaround. God is so good!

  2. Good news indeed! :-D

  3. Praise the Lord! I'm thrilled about your diabetes report. You've worked so hard, and been such an inspiration to me. I'll say a prayer for the thyroid thing. God can take care of that little problem too! Congrats on all good news you're going to share with us. You deserve good things--LOTS of good things--'cause you're a sweet, special lady.

  4. So glad to hear your good news!

    But you're such a tease, leading us on and leaving us hanging. What else is coming up??