Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March Goals

My apologies that this is so late. I left the house early this morning and didn't get back until supper time. If you remember it, please pray for my husband's family. His mother's health is failing and prayers would be appreciated.

Also, I'm not going to do the Wed. Weigh in for the next little while, because I'm on the new medication and the doc said it would take about a month to settle in. No point in posting that nothing is happening. Believe me, if something amazing happens before then regarding weight loss, I'll post it. :) That being said, I walked on the treadmill last night for over an hour. This was made easier because I was watching The Biggest Loser while I walked. Those people are so inspirational to me. And I'm glad I'm not them. :)

But, this post is supposed to be about March Goals, so here they are. And as always, they are fluid things, subject to change, but only for a good reason. I don't want to be so flexible with them that I change them or excuse myself from finishing one just because I'm being lazy.


Bold Black Ital. = Goal

Blue = January comments

Red = February comments

Green = March comments

1. Editor Revisions for The Bartered Bride. Not exactly sure when these will arrive in my inbox, but whenever they do, they have priority, so I'm putting them number one. Heard back from my editor that these should be heading my way near the end of February and that everything is well ahead of schedule. Yay! Just the way I like it! Revision letter received, revisions done and returned to editor with a thumbs up. :) Now to wait for the copy edit in May or June.

2. Final read through for The Marriage Masquerade and send to editor. This happens sometime after February. The manuscript has been critiqued and revised, so it should only need a little tweaking before sending it off. I've read through it one more time and it's all set to go. I'm 30 pages from the end and hope to send this back to my editor early next week. I decided, in light of the editor revision letter on The Bartered Bride, that it would behoove me to go into The Marriage Masquerade document and see what little things I got dinged on in BB that I could fix myself before sending it off.

3. Edit The Engineered Engagement, my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel. At the moment I need to cut words, reassess my heroine's goal, add a character and delete a character. This is priority number one after the editor revisions on The Bartered Bride. This was my major January project. I cut 6K+ words, ripped off the final chapter and rewrote it, and now it rests with a crit partner awaiting her sharp eye and truthful yet delicate touch. One crit partner already returned it with a thumbs up. Second crit partner came up trumps with the ms. Now it will sit and marinate, compost, or age until later this summer when I fine comb it one more time before sending it to my editor.

4. Turn in The Engineered Engagement. This happens sometime after June 2009. As soon as crits come back, this one will be ready. See above.

5. Finish final edits on Clara and the Cowboy to send to editor who requested it. The manuscript currently rests with a critique partner. When she's finished with it, I'll go in and make one last round of revisions based on her comments, then get this story out the door to my agent and on to the editor. Sent 12/18/08. Yay crit partners! :) That's all I'll say about this one for now.

6. Begin plotting and writing sequels to Clara and the Cowboy: Lily and the Lawman and Maggie and the Maverick. If the above mentioned editor wishes to contract this series, (praying!) then I'll need to get busy on the next two books. So far they are only a paragraph each, though I have a fun opening line for Lily and the Lawman. Lots of ruminating on LatL. As soon as we can schedule it, the daughter and I will take off for somewhere for a day for a plotting party. No word from the editor yet, but I'm hopeful. :) Lily and the Lawman is plotted and I have a chapter by chapter synop done, but it needs some tweaks to it. That is my project for after I turn in Marriage Masquerade.

7. Prepare proposal packet and three chapters of a Gilded Age mystery/romance I've got kicking around in my head, including pitch sheet and materials to pitch at ACFW. I have an editor in mind to talk to about this series. And I have a name for my hero picked out. :) No action on this one except to order and begin reading A Season of Splendor: The Court of Mrs. Astor in Gilded Age New York by Greg King. Fascinating book. More ideas marinating, percolating, composting, etc. I def. want to get the proposal out there, but it isn't my highest priority at the moment.

8. Register for ACFW Denver.

9. Attend ACFW Denver.

10. Read 5 books on craft this year, focusing on characterization, conflict, and endings. I'm lagging behind here. Next trip to the library I will get one or two. I have been listening to ACFW lectures from the 2008 conference. So much good stuff! I have particularly enjoyed Mark Mynheir's continuing ed class on police procedural. I don't write cop books, but he is an entertaining speaker and the subject matter is fascinating. Since I do want to write a book about a frontier lawman, I've been interested in his discussions on the psychology of law enforcement officers and how their job affects their relationships. I got several books on writing and I did read them, but like the lame-o I can sometimes be, I forgot to write down which ones they were so I could post them here. Let's just say that they weren't anything I would have to buy, or anything that revolutionized my writing.

11. Revise and rewrite some older mss to submit to a new opportunity. I have the opportunity to revise and submit up to three of my early manuscripts to a publisher. In light of my improved craft, these older mss will take quite a bit of work. I skimmed one yesterday, and I still love the story, so I think I'm going to see what I can do with it. I also spent a few minutes last night brainstorming with my daughter and a good friend of mine on how to turn the books into series. This one has taken a back seat as well as other things press on my time.

12. Coordinate the Women's Fiction category for the ACFW Genesis Contest. Because of all the Genesis Contest and the ACFW has meant to me over the past four years, I wanted to find a way to give back to the organization as a whole and the Genesis Contest in particular. Huge Kudos to Camy Tang for overseeing this mammoth project and curating the Spreadsheet Of All Knowledge. Entries have been rolling in. It's so great to see so many. The last I'd heard, we needed only one more entry in Historical Fiction for that category to "make" and have enough entries to stand on its own. That means we already have over 90 entries in the contest and the deadline is still three weeks away. The end of March is going to be a busy time for me while I distribute entries to judges and make sure Women's Fiction is going as well as it possibly can.

How about you? How are your 2009 goals shaping up?


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Yay for Miss Camy and her Spreadsheet of All Knowledge! Made me think "one spreadsheet to rule them all. . ." LOL


  2. I so admire your discipline.

    The spreadsheet comment is funny.

  3. We were supposed to make goals?

    Ahhhh, so that's how it works....


    Good job you. You are one busy lady. You should be so proud of your accomplishments =)

  4. You are the best goal maker and keeper that I know. It's one of the many things I admire about you.

  5. You're so organized, Erica. I do have a spreadsheet with deadlines, but nothing as detailed as this. I'm also not working on a dozen books. Only two. And that is mind boggling enough for me.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Bwhahahahahaha you have uncovered my plans for world domination via spreadsheet!!!