Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Madness Begins

It is here! It is here! It is here!

The Madness begins in earnest today. I love this time of year. The games, the Cinderellas, the buzzer beaters, the overtimes.

This year I've got my brackets printed out and my son and I will be marking the winners, moving them on to the next round. I've also joined Stinkin' Matt's Facebook Final Four bracket challenge. I picked quite a few upsets in the first round. My bracket pick setting was "Dangerous". If they only knew. :)

I don't know how anything could top last year's tournament, especially the final result (HEE HEE) since KU won. For a whole year my beloved Jayhawks have been the NCAA Men's Basketball reigning champs.

Writing production goes down a bit during the Madness. But I'll pick it up again once the tourney's over.

Do you watch the madness? Do you have a team you root for? Do you print your brackets and scream at the tv?


  1. LOL, I have no clue what you're talking about. I think my hub mentioned something about it, but I know nothing. No team to root for, no buzzers to be excited about. It must not be football =P

  2. I'm with Georgiana on this one, except my hubby is watching golf, not BB. Good luck to your team! And then get back to writing!

  3. My pastor husband just realized last week that he scheduled our creation conference for the first four days of the tournament! He was so mad at himself. :)

    I lost last year to my husband AND my eight-year-old son. I've got to do better this year.

    And when the tournament's over, it's baseball!!!! :D

    This is better than Christmas.