Friday, March 13, 2009

The Friday Five

I'm spending time today at the coffee shop, starting Lily and the Lawman. So for today's Friday Five:
Five things that make for a good writing experience at the coffee shop.
1. Earl Grey tea. Preferable the Earl Grey at Caribou. MMMMmmmm.
2. An outlet to plug into. I don't mind working off battery, but the laptop screen is brighter when I'm hooked to an outlet.
3. Sturdy chair and a table that doesn't rock. And it can't be a hightop.
4. Friendly baristas who don't mind if you sip your tea and peck away at your laptop for hours.
5. Good company who also doesn't mind if you sip your tea and peck away at your laptop for hours. My kids are very patient and portable. They like taking school on the road and can amuse themselves for hours with books, homework, artwork, etc. Oh yeah, they also like the ladidahs from the bakery case...and hot chocolates. :)
So what makes a good coffee shop experience for you?


  1. Not running out of batteries on my Dana! I was at the coffee shop this morning too, until I got my low bat signal. Sigh. Hope you get more done than I did!!!

  2. Yay for bribing children with goodies!! haha. Whatever works for you to get that writing time =)

    We don't have a lot of coffee shop options here other than Starbucks, and its always small so I go to Barnes & Noble to write, and sit near the Starbucks counter. Best of both worlds. Being in an actual bookstore is even more inspiring, and I get so much done there even in short increments of time.

    I'm not a tea drinker but I am addicted to white chocolate mochas!! One of those is first on the list for writing days =)

  3. If I'm getting a lahdidah, it's usually hot chai tea. The Starbuck's at BN will even put in a shot of vanilla if you ask. Mmmmm. heaven. You know what you can't say? T'ai chi. Chai Tea. Give it a try. (-;

  4. What makes a good coffee house experience for me? Me, myself, and I.

    Erica, there's usually a way to make your screen brighter when you're working on the battery. My computer has a FN button near the bottom left of the keypad. Click that and hold F8 and it should brighten to normal.

    Probably uses up your battery faster, but it's easier on the eyes.

    And I'll take a peppermint mocha, soy, no whip. MMMM

  5. Sally! That is really good to know. The dim screen is the main reason I don't like using the battery, but now that there is a 'fix' for it, I shall no longer be shackled to the cord. Yay! Thank you!