Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First College Tour

Last Thursday Heather and I went on Heather's first campus tour of a prospective college.

The picture at the left is of the entrance doors to Nazareth Hall at Northwestern College in St. Paul.

The tour was great, we saw the buildings, talked with financial aide, talked with admissions. The people were all very nice and the campus impressive.

One of the things that tickled Heather was that her name was put up on the inter office tv. Northwestern College welcomes Heather Vetsch.

She also got a Northwestern Eagles T-shirt.

We still have at least one more college to check out, but at the moment, she's leaning toward Northwestern.


  1. Such an exciting time. Doesn't seem possible to have daughters old enough to be looking at colleges. Wasn't it yesterday I was whining to you about the 6th grade Roman fair?

  2. They grow up so fast.

  3. What a fun trip. Northwestern must be impressive for Heather to have it as her first choice.