Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cannibal Soup

These days one of the best ways I can relax is to do what I affectionately call "Making Cannibal Soup."

I run the water as hot as I can stand, get a book, a coconut-lime-verbena candle, some coconut-lime-verbena bubble bath (thanks, honey, for the Christmas gift) and escape to the relaxing world of bubble baths.

Of course, this is only when it's cold outside, which, considering that I live in Minnesota, gives me plenty of time for baths.

Reading books in the tub. Hmm...I remember when I first started doing this a few years ago. I was so nervous that I might drop the book in the water or splash a few drops on a page. It felt like I was doing something daring and dangerous, something my mom might have told me not to do when I was a kid.

But it doesn't really bother me anymore. Granted, I only read tub-books, those that are mine, not borrowed, not even from the library, and those that would be pretty easy to replace if I had to. Nothing old, limited edition, or signed. And I'm careful. Really. :)

How do you relax and get away from it all? Do you make cannibal soup? Do you go for a walk or surf the net or watch tv??


  1. I've been cross stitching in the evenings like crazy this winter--five sweatshirts and now I'm working on a picture to put in the church nursery. The repetitiveness of the stitches seems very calming to me which feels good when the rest of my schedule is so unpredictable these days.

  2. Oh how I'd love a bath!!!

    Let's see, what DO I do? Read or crochet. No bath or candles, but it sure sounds good.

  3. Sounds awesome! I love bubble baths. I must take more.

  4. Stress? What's stress? Just 'cuz I'm back in the lectern (Adult Bible Class) and the pulpit for the first time in nearly a month, and just because there's a Men's Breakfast on Saturday morning to prepare for, just 'cuz I've got to sort thru 2,200 pictures of Israel to get it down to just about 100 photos so as not to bore the bubamisis out of those who come to listen/see my Israel Presentation on Sunday evening, and let's not even get me started on the Passover Seder that's fast approaching and that Ann & Elizabeth will be gone this weekend! Bath? I'm just hoping I can wipe my brow a coupla times!

  5. The Little Princess doesn't like baths so she had the bathtub ripped out of her bathroom and had a beautiful shower installed instead.

    To relax, there's watching cowboy movies, IMing, surfing, reading