Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In

YIKES forgot to put in the book and the song...and yesterday too, though that song would have been pretty obvious.

Book: Enquiry by Dick Francis
Song: Fearless by Taylor Swift

Haven't done a Wednesday Weigh In for awhile, mostly due to the fact that I've gained and lost the same few pounds (aka been stuck on a plateau) for the past three months or so?

What to do, what to do...

I've been so pleased with my progress up to this plateau, that part of me was willing to rest on my still curvy laurels and just be happy. After all, 60 pounds in 8 months is nothing to sneeze at.

But, I want more. I need more.

So, I set a goal. Last week I decided I wanted to lose 10 pounds by my birthday next month. 10 pounds in six weeks. Doable, right? Daunting in light of the plateau I've been on.

But, I always do better when I have a goal to shoot at, and I've just been letting myself drift the past few weeks, so it was time to shape up. Literally.

Crank up the speed on the treadmill, change things up with riding the exercise bike and try some strength exercises. Cut back on the little things I've added to my diet that I don't really need. (Might explain the plateau, right?)

Result? Down two pounds this week. Yay! So now I have 8 lbs to lose in five weeks.

I would love to hit a major milestone at the same time I hit a major milestone. :)


  1. I hope this will inspire me to stop resting on my ample laurels. 10 lbs by your birthday? I'm in too!

  2. Good for you Erica! It's such hard work and takes a ton of discipline. We are working on weight over here too.

  3. Good job! You have a lot of self discipline. Can I borrow some?

  4. Pleased to report that today I walked on the treadmill farther and faster than I've ever walked before.

    And I haven't had anything to eat that I would be embarrassed to admit. :)

    Yay, CJ, for coming along on this mini goal with me. You've been a rock throughout this whole weight loss adventure!

    Donna, thanks for stopping by the blog. You're right about the hard work! I discovered today that I don't absolutely LOATHE exercising like I used to. :)

    G- you're so sweet. If I'd have had self discipline... well, let's just say that I didn't get to be the size I am by being picky! :D But I'm going to get there. I wanna look fabulous when I see you in Sept. :)