Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yesterday saw good progress on the revisions of The Bartered Bride. I'm about 90% finished with the first comb-through.
A few things have come to mind during this process.
Observation 1: I really like these characters and this storyline.
Observation 2: It is fun, interesting, stretching, to see how I can iron out little foibles and plot threads that are a little bumpy and still keep the story intact.
Observation 3: Sometimes people on their cell phones do not realize how loudly they are talking, esp. the man who sat behind me at Caribou Coffee today and held a mini-business meeting on his phone. I learned way too much of his business while trying to mind my own.
Observation 4: There comes a time when you have to trust your research. I find myself double and triple checking times, logistics, terms, etc. So far, so good.
Observation 5: Sometimes your terminology is right, your research is right, etc. but if it confused a reader, that makes it wrong.
Just some things I'm learning along the way. How about you? Learned or observed anything new lately?


  1. Good progress! That's funny about the business meeting. haha. Been there!!! Sometimes I think people on cell phones try to make their voice carry to their party, from miles away, instead of via cell. Seriously! ::::shaking head::::

    I made a good dent in my revisions during my lunch break yesterday too. Its amazing what I got done in one solid hour of work. (with no internet on my laptop to distract me! haha)

  2. Uh oh....I AM that person on the cell phone. HAHA!!! Every time I talk to my dad on the phone he says, "You don't have to yell." I'm used to talking to my husband on the phone and competing with his loud truck.

    Great job on the revisions. I'm sure you're keeping the story intact, and I'm positive your research is accurate! You're very thorough.

  3. This topic would have made a great Friday Five. Observation 3 had me laughing. As to research, sounds like you need someone that can do near graduate level research. i can put you in touch if you're interested. "-;