Monday, February 23, 2009

Revision Process

This weekend I began the revision process on The Bartered Bride. As of this morning, I'm about halfway through them the first time.

I read through all the revisions first thing, then let them sit for a couple days, mulling things over in my mind, working up a strategy for dealing with them chronologically. Some are very easy, delete a word here or there, replace with something that clarifies, or something more suitable to the time period. Some require more thought. More motivation for this action, give a better feel for the time period in this description, etc.

But I'm really enjoying the revision process. I know the story will be better for the changes. It also gives me a better idea how to work on book two in this series so the editors hopefully won't have as much work to do on the next one.

This week also marks the end of Heather's classroom instruction at Driver's Ed. It's time to move to the road instruction. While this makes me a wee bit anxious, I know she'll be a good driver, taking the responsibility seriously.

What I will miss is my six hours of coffee shop time each week. Wonder if I can squeeze some in anyway?


  1. Good luck on the revisions! I blogged on such today myself =)

  2. I think you're approaching it just like Heather will her driving: responsibly. Great job on thinking it through to apply it to your next book too =)

    PS. Don't give up your coffee shop hours. It's important to stick to a routine.

  3. Glad to hear the revisions are going well and that you've got a plan! Stay the course.

  4. Have fun with the revisions!