Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Own Little World

Book I'm Reading: Gunman's Rhapsody by Robert B. Parker
Song in my Head: Offering by Third Day

As you can see, I'm trying something new on my blog. I'm always reading at least one book, and I almost always have a song stuck in my head, and since this is my blog to do with as I will, I decided to force you readers to know what both of those things are at the time I post something. Lucky you, huh?
Today I went to Caribou Coffee in NW Rochester to write and wait while the firstborn attended Driver's Ed. Four classes down, six to go.
While I was there, I listened to music on my MP3 player. The DH got it for me for Christmas and I LOVE it! It's made walking on the treadmill so much more interesting--the time just flies and so do I--and I can listen my tunes without disturbing Peter. We have completely different taste in music. Today I was able to listen and drown out the sounds of the people and bustle around me.
Unfortunately, I have a hard time listening to music while I'm writing or editing. Sometimes I find myself even typing the lyrics of the song. Yikes...not good in an historical novel.
I also have to watch that I don't bust out in song in a public place. I always have the radio going in the car and my family has learned to ignore the singing along with whatever's playing. But the MP3 player is another thing altogether.
It would give new meaning to the phrase, "Does the noise in my head bother you?"*
Anybody get songs stuck in their head? Anybody sing along with the radio in the car? Anybody ever been caught jammin at the top of their lungs when they thought no one was listening?
* From the movie The gods Must be Crazy.


  1. Sometimes a tune gets jammed in my head. The other day Himself had tuned into Nightmare Before Christmas. And now I can't tune out "This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Pumpkins scream in the dead of night." Sometimes I sing along to the oldies in the car. I sing like a hinge. Can't listen to music with lyrics while I ink otherwise I'm apt to ink the lyrics and then I have to speak in tongues.

  2. I like your new idea about the book you're reading and the tune in your head. I can't listen to music and write, but I nearly always have one song or two that inspires what I'm working on. Right now the song is an old one by Ed Ames "My Cup Runneth Over With Love." Not only is he the look alike for my character, but the song is also one of the themes of the book--marriage that lasts a lifetime. I've played the song three or four thousand times already :-)

  3. I love music and yes, songs get stuck in my head. Tell me why you're reading Robert Parker. I would never have pegged you a RP fan... we drove to Houston for a booksigning once and i have a pic of him with my daughter. She's standing with here hand on his shoulder. He's got the cutest, craziest grin. I put the pic on my coffee cup. I used to read his books -- haven't in a long time. But, I love his Jesse Stone series with Tom Selleck -- recently bought all three and there's a 4th out now, I think.

    Come to think of it... I'll bet you aren't reading MY Robert Parker. :) RP who wrote the Spenser series. No?

  4. He's one and the same author, Jess, and how COOL that you got a picture of him. His photo is on the back of the book and he does look very engaging.

    I've not read any of his Spencer or Stone novels, but when he penned Appaloosa, I decided to try him out. Wow, is he a master of dialogue, and for sure a great way to study how the male mind and male relationships work!

    I finished Gunman's Rhapsody and I'm on the waiting list for the sequel to Appaloosa, Resolution.

    And I very much enjoyed the movie adaptation of Appaloosa. Good old fashioned cowboy film.

  5. I love to jam! Well, I used to anyway. Without a CD player in the car I'm kind of stumped. But waaaay back in the day I adored concerts and loud music. Third Day is always a great choice =)