Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Five

Book: More than Petticoats - Remarkable Minnesota Women by Bonnye Stuart

Song: Streets of Laredo

While my daughter is taking her driver's education classroom sessions (ten 3 hour classes) I've been heading to Caribou Coffee to work. So here are five things I've noticed while working at Caribou:

1. When I leave there, I smell like coffee.

2. A tall Earl Grey tea has enough caffeine in it to keep me away until 5 am.

3. There is a dilemma all coffee house patrons face at one time or another that Georgiana discussed on her blog this week. Click here to read about it. -----> Georgiana D.

4. I may have to put the crew at Caribou in the acknowledgements of Engineered Engagement, since I've written and edited most of the book there.

5. I now feel a little bit like Norm from Cheers now. Being a regular patron means the baristas know your name and even what your usual order is. They look forward to seeing you and notice when you're gone. It's a nice feeling.

Are you a coffee house writer? A home or library writer?


  1. I'd love to be a true coffee house writer--except for said dilemma--but alas, I only get to go once or twice a month. I guess that makes me a home writer, Norm.

  2. You must smell delicious when you leave! I love the smell of coffee, loathe the taste.

  3. I love the smell of coffee too. And I'd love to be a coffee house writer except... I also love crawling out of bed and going straight to the computer.

    Get dressed and go to work? Naaaa, those days are over.

    Your posts always make me YEARN. :)

  4. Hello --

    This is Bonnye Stuart ... so are you reading my book about Minnesota women? I hope you enjoy it!

    - Bonnye Stuart