Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Widgets

I put a couple new widgets on the blog. One is a countdown to the ACFW Denver conference. I really want to go. I had thought after the last conference that maybe I would sit Denver out and wait for Indy in 2010, but the more I think about it, listening to the workshops from the past conference, corresponding with people I shared the 07 conference with, I don't want to miss 09 in Denver.

I like widgets like the countdown, especially if they motivate me to do more, do better, make progress. By far, my favorite widget is the word counter.

Do you have a favorite widget, motivator, or gadget?


  1. I love widgets. I have a countdown to the first day of summer. 165 more days and the ice, snow and cold will be just a memory.

  2. I'm widget-handicapped. Sigh.