Monday, January 05, 2009

New Things for the New Year

I've got a few new things scheduled for 2009 that I thought I'd share here.
1. Our church is encouraging it's members to read through the Scriptures in one year. I received a 365 day Bible from the editors at Barbour that I'm going to use to try to use to help me accomplish this.
2. I got a new Bible study book for myself. A 30 Day Walk through the Psalms by Nancy Leigh Demoss. I'll be taking more than 30 days to go through this study. I'll try to post things that crop up in my learing as I go along.
3. My ladies' Bible study at church is starting a new study in Genesis. I'm really looking forward to this study. I love the Bible Study ladies.
Do you have any things lined out to deepen your relationship with God this year? Anything you want to study?


  1. I recently started reading Listening for God, by Marilyn Hontz, and it's really changing my prayer life! Sounds like you have a great '09 line up!

  2. I'm just finishing my first Coffee Cup Bible Study by Sandra Glahn - Mocha on the Mount. I already have two more to do next - Espresso with Esther and Premium Roast with Ruth. These are designed for small groups, but I prefer to start my day with a chapter or two while I'm having my morning coffee.
    Deepening my walk with God is always one of my priorities each year. He is so faithful to walk with me on my faltering path.

  3. And just think... if you think it was hard going through Respectable Sins? Wait'll you see what's in store with the study on Holiness. I'm already in my Woe-is-me-I'm-undone-Isaiah pose.

    Actually, I'm hoping no one panics, but simply looks to God in His grace for humility to pursue this with all our hearts.

  4. Oh, man...I didn't have the nerve to post about Pursuit of Holiness...wouldn't it be easier of we had a Sunday School class on the pursuit of spiritual mediocrity? I rock at that!