Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new book

I'm a self-confessed book addict. And I don't even want to be cured. :) When we were at the Minnesota History Museum, I went into the bookstore there and browsed. Because everything in the store is related to history, this is heaven for me. I thumb through books I would love to own, like the four volume set of Minnesota history by Folwell, or the biography of James J. Hill that retails for sixty bucks...sigh...maybe someday. Peter always gets a little nervous when I head into that bookstore...or any bookstore for that matter. :)

But I did find one gem, and on the clearance cart no less. To Live and Die in the West: The American Indian Wars by Jason Hook and Martin Pegler. This book isn't a history of Indian warfare in the American West, but rather a volume describing daily life and conditions of military service on the plains. Invaluable for a writer. Everything from clothing to daily chores to the menus of both the US Army and the plains Indians is covered. Maps, photographs, artists cut-away drawings of equipment, it's all in there.

About the Authors:

Jason Hook is a senior editor of Wayland Publishing and has written extensively on the subject of American Indians. He holds a degree in English and American Literature with First Class Honors.

Martin Pegler is a Senior Curator of weapons at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds UK. He has a long-standing interest in the history of the US Cavalry.

In an aside, one of my pet peeves is when people interchange the words Cavalry with Calvary. There is an immense difference. Christ did not die at Cavalry. Though I suppose saying "Calvary to the rescue" is more true than people realize.


  1. Guess when you come to visit I'll have to promise your DH to keep you out of the gift shops. Lol

  2. hey Erica, that book sounds great. If it has an index would you see if there's any mention of the
    Attakapa Indians? I doubt that there is but please look and let me know. thanks! You're a gem.

  3. Sorry, Jess, there is an entire section on Apache, but nothing of Attakapa.

  4. I didn't think there would be. Not much on the Attakapas but thought I'd give it a try. Thanks so much for checking!