Friday, January 09, 2009

The Friday Five

I was perusing my DVD shelves looking for a film to watch, and realized I have some decidedly odd DVD's. Here is a small sample.

Frank Buck in Tiger Fangs: Tigers are on a killing rampage in the jungles of Damang! The murderous spree has stopped the flow of imporant war supplies to the Allies. Famed animal trapper Frank Buck arrives to dispel the natives' supserstion that it is the work of the mythical Chinadags - humans with a lust for blood. With help from a beauitful scientist, Frank discovers that the tigers are being drugged and uncovers an insane Nazi plot designed to destroy civilization. Wartime ingrigue and jungle mystery combine in this PRC adventure, Starring Frank Buck, June Duprez, and Duncan Renaldo.

Pirates of the Seven Seas: Four movies on one disk. The Black Pirate, Captain Calamity, Wallaby Jim of the Islands, and Jamaica Inn. Starring George Houston, Douglas Fairbanks, and Sid Sailor.

King Solomon's Mines. Before there was Indiana Jones, there was Allan Quartermain, the stalwart hero of H. Rider Haggard's classic 1885 novel that's been filmed four times. This 1950 version stars Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr.

Alexander McDougall's Whalebacks were once a common sight on the Great Lakes. Join the Out of the Blue Dive Team as they explore examples of these now extinct oddities. Learn about their tragic tales and see rare, historical footage of life aboard the 'whale.'
This disk, World War Two Movies, Collector's Series, has three movies. Corregidor ( Otto Kruger and Donald Woods), The Immortal Batalion (David Niven, Stanley Holloway and Peter Ustinov), and The Big Lift (Montgomery Clift and Paul Douglas).
What kind of audio-visual oddities do you have hanging out at your place?


  1. Odd, indeed!

    I really don't have any hanging around. I like to throw stuff away =P

  2. About the only odd movies I have are The Three Musketeers starring John Wayne. Himself found it for me at the dollar store. Haven't watched it yet. The documentary March of the Penguins. The Young One and I laugh ourselves silly when one of the female penguins slips on the ice and falls on her duff. Can't beat slapstick