Friday, January 23, 2009

The Friday Five James Style!

Today is my son's 13th birthday. That's right, I now have two teens in the house. I thought I would interview James for today's Friday Five: Five things about James

Favorite Color: Yellow (with purple a close runner up, a la the Minnesota Vikings)

Favorite Food: Mac n' cheese (I get off so easy here)

Favorite Books: DragonKeeper Series by Donita K. Paul (He was so impressed when he found out Donita and I are Facebook friends and that I'd actually met her at the ACFW Conference)

Favorite Movie: Star Wars Collection

Favorite Game: Currently it is Mario Sunshine (Man, did I ever hit a homerun getting him that game for Christmas. Bigtime Mom Points there.)

Happy Birthday, Buddy! You've brought laughter and love to our lives.


  1. Happy Birthday, James! Have a piece of cake for me!

  2. Happy Birthday, James!

  3. Happy Birthday, James! Great choice on favorite colors.

    Erica, he looks like you!

  4. Happy Birthday, James. And thank you for reading my books. Writers aren't very useful if there are no readers. I hope you have a splendid first year as a teen.

  5. A late happy birthday to James. You and my youngest son have the same name. That's a good thing.