Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Field Trip

This past Saturday, the family and I went to see Vatican Splendors at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. The exhibition has been extended for a week due to the popularity. When we arrived at the museum at around 11 am, the place was packed and tickets were sold out through 3:45. I ran inside and got tickets for 4:15, then we hopped into the van and headed to the Jackson Street Roundhouse to see some trains.

And see some trains we did. This little gem is a model train, I'm not sure of the scale, it was about two feet high and about six feet long. It reminded me of the little train that used to run in Kenwood Park back home.

We saw the Hustle Muscle 400 (it
went 400 miles in 400 minutes) the Pride of the Great Northern Line. Beautiful and powerful. And orange.

We went on a short Caboose Ride. Kinda fun. I've never been on a moving caboose before. The kids sat up in the turret and Heather took pictures. James is trying to get out of the shot looking ahead toward the engine.

The Lego Train setup was amazing. No pictures would do it justice. One of the most fun things for me was the little blue and white striped building, which immediately reminded me of the Brown County Historical Society Museum in New Ulm, MN, a museum I love (I know, I've never yet met a museum I didn't love). When I mentioned that to the kids, the man running the train said "That's what we patterned that building after." an he lifted off the lid/roof and showed us the little Lego artifacts inside. I think they did a pretty good job, don't you?

When we'd seen lots in the Roundhouse Museum, we headed over to the History Museum. We listened to a history player enact the life of James Madison Goodhue. The history players are really great. And the story of Goodhue is an interesting one. He's number 48 of the Minnesota 150. This past year MN celebrated it's 150th birthday and 150 pertinent people and events were chosen for a special exhibit at the History center.

Then we stood in line for a long time for the Vatican Splendors. The exhibit was really interesting and if I had a place to hang a 10' x 5' painting of a giant, chubby, angel baby cherub, I'd have made an offer on it. He was sooooo cute. I really enjoyed the paintings and the Swiss Guard uniforms and weaponry.
Afterwards Peter took us to Ruby Tuesdays where we talked about what we'd seen. All in all, another great Vetsch Family Field Trip.


  1. Looks like a great field trip. A little something for everyone.

  2. I saw the Vatican exhibit in Cincinnati and it was supurb. My favorite was the missal stand that had belonged to Columbus.

    The trains remind me of the exhibits at Greenfield Village in Michigan. They had some great trains there.

    I'm taking a field trip on Monday to find a Civil War highway marker.

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day together.