Monday, December 22, 2008

TV Trends

TV these days ain't what it used to be. Shows aren't aired like they were when I was a kid.
Have you noticed that some shows don't start until January? Have you noticed that some shows don't start until late September, then are done for the season in mid-December? And even if you do get a whole season, it's not a full 25 or 30 episodes, it's maybe 18.
So here I sit, mourning that Chuck won't be on until February. That I missed the last episode of the fall season of The Mentalist, and they hadn't put it up on the website the last time I checked. (I'll check again soon, on the off chance, but they took all the other episodes off too.)
Speaking of The Mentalist, I really enjoy that show. Simon Baker is fabulous in it, as is Robin Tenney. They really work well together. I'm happy that the show is #1 this year. Usually if I like a show, it is the kiss of death and cancellation happens swiftly.
Does that happen to you? What trends have y0u noticed in tv in recent years?

1 comment:

  1. Trends? Comedies are pretty lame of late. Nothing comes close to The Carol Burnett Show esp. the Gone with The Wind skit. As to the number of eps in a season, that just seems to be the way things are. Notice in the grocery store, you pay more for less? Boxes that were a full pound are now down to 12 oz.

    I'm glad The Mentalist hasn't bought the farm simply because I'm watching. I'm bummed the full eps aren't on the website too.