Monday, December 29, 2008


This is a picture of wagon ruts worn into the sandstone/limestone of the Oregon Trail. Wagon after wagon passed in the tracks of those that went before, creating deep gouges into the rocks. At least the wagons that came after knew where the trail was. Just set your wheels in the ruts and go.
Last night on the way home from a Christmas party, I mentioned to my DH that I missed my rut. I missed my routine, my comfortable schedule. For the last couple of weeks, with all the holiday stuff and the work stuff, the end of semester stuff for the daughter, and getting the homeschooling to a place that was good to break off for two weeks, I haven't written or edited anything.
Nothing writing-related will happen this week either. At least that's what I had resigned myself to, but I realized last night as I was lying in bed waiting for sleep to come, there is one writing-related thing I can do, one that will help things considerably when I can get back to writing.
Plotting in my head, getting to know characters, refining ideas, pulling on story-threads to explore consequences and possibilities. I can keep my mind sharp, in full-creation mode, even though I'm not writing anything at the moment. This daydreaming is the life-blood of my writing process. Who knew I could put my world-class zoning-out capabilities to work?
My mom and teachers must be amazed that I've found a way to channel daydreaming into something profitable.
Anyway, I miss my rut, my routine, my restful regime, but I'll make the most of the imagination time until I can get back to writing.


  1. I so relate to this.

    But it is rather exciting to be itching to get back to writing.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Think of how rejuvenated you will be when you can get back to your routine.

  3. I've got the itch, too! Like you, I won't get back to my schedule until next week. Today I combined house hunting with my dil with finding my protagonists home in my new novel. Alas, the house remains a mystery, but my mind is churning. You see, I'm having a hard time separating reality and fiction, too :-)