Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Have you ever noticed how cool God is?
I've been wondering how marketing my novels will work out for me. I'm not by nature a pushy person (though some may disagree) so the idea of shoving my book under someone's nose is distasteful to me. When the question of marketing came up on the ACFW loop from time to time, the veteran published authors would always say "Write the best book you can. Don't worry about marketing until you sign a contract."
So I stuck with that. Safe, sensible, and very Scarlett O'Hara. I'll think about that another day.
That day is dawning. With the turning of the calendar from November to December, the release date for my first novel has gone from a year + to 11 months from now. Both cool and freaky! What can I do to get the word out about my novels?
Enter NaNoWriMo. Remember back in late October, when I was thinking of chickening out of attending the Kick Off party? And how glad I was that I attended? Well, I'm even more grateful now.
Our local newspaper, the Rochester Post-Bulletin, is printing an article that followed three WriMos through the month of November, and I'm 0ne of them! Tom and Suzanne and I have been interviewed, in person and via email several times each, and today a photographer from the paper came by and took some photos of me and my beloved laptop. I got to talk about my novels, the upcoming release of The Bartered Bride, the sequel, The Marriage Masquerade, and the third book in the series, my NaNo novel, The Engineered Engagement.
Another cool thing was that the photographer, a very nice woman, when she found out my novel was set in 1906 Duluth and centered on shipbuilding, told me that her grandfather worked on ore boats out of Duluth from the 1920's to the 1960's. She's always been interested in Duluth shipping history.
All of this came about because I obeyed the Lord's prompting to get out of my comfort zone and go meet some other WriMos.


  1. That IS cool! I love how God weaves all the pieces of our lives together.

  2. Cool, freaky, and scary all wrapped up in one. Everything working out just like it was planned. Congrats on the interview and the publicity.

  3. That is exciting and I'll be watching the PB for your story! Your obedience to simply write sheds new light on Proverbs 16:9, doesn't it? "In (her) heart a
    (wo)man plans (her) course, but the Lord determines (her) steps." Well done! Oh, and congrats on finishing EE! Vicki

  4. That's so amazing! It's fun to watch God at work.

  5. Erica, It's amazing how God knows even before we do what we need. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your name out locally, then when you do booksignings, people will recognize the name. Very cool.

  6. Read this today but didn't get a chance to comment until now. This is very cool! A great opportunity for you to get some pre-publication marketing!

    Tell Heather not to put the newspaper in the scrapbook as is - it's not archival. There's a way to do it but I'd have to look it up.