Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goals and Discipline

Discipline is what you have to do to make yourself do the thing you are struggling to do.
Isn't that a gem? I found it at Routines for Writers, a blog I've been reading for awhile now. They've been talking about priorities and goals this week, which reminded me that I haven't checked on my progress in the goal department for a long while. How did 2008 go? In strolling through the blog, I realize it has been FOREVER since I updated my goals. But I did accomplish pretty much everything on my list the last time I posted in April. (Oh, the shame!)
Goals for 2009
1. Editor Revisions for The Bartered Bride. Not exactly sure when these will arrive in my inbox, but whenever they do, they have priority, so I'm putting them number one.
2. Final read through for The Marriage Masquerade and send to editor. This happens sometime after February. The manuscript has been critiqued and revised, so it should only need a little tweaking before sending it off.
3. Edit The Engineered Engagement, my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel. At the moment I need to cut words, reassess my heroine's goal, add a character and delete a character. This is priority number one after the editor revisions on The Bartered Bride.
4. Turn in The Engineered Engagement. This happens sometime after June 2009.
5. Finish final edits on Clara and the Cowboy to send to editor who requested it. The manuscript currently rests with a critique partner. When she's finished with it, I'll go in and make one last round of revisions based on her comments, then get this story out the door to my agent and on to the editor.
6. Begin plotting and writing sequels to Clara and the Cowboy: Lily and the Lawman and Maggie and the Maverick. If the above mentioned editor wishes to contract this series, (praying!) then I'll need to get busy on the next two books. So far they are only a paragraph each, though I have a fun opening line for Lily and the Lawman.
7. Prepare proposal packet and three chapters of a Gilded Age mystery/romance I've got kicking around in my head, including pitch sheet and materials to pitch at ACFW. I have an editor in mind to talk to about this series. And I have a name for my hero picked out. :)
8. Register for ACFW Denver.
9. Attend ACFW Denver.
10. Read 5 books on craft this year, focusing on characterization, conflict, and endings.
How about you? Are you a goal-setter? Do you like lists? Have you given any thought to 2009 and how to make what you want a reality instead of just a dream?


  1. I adore lists! Should probably take a look at my own, though I'm almost positive yours is better =)

  2. We're talking about goals and time management on one of my loops. I did well on my goals this year and haven't made my list for 2009 yet. Soooo, you're way ahead of me. With all the books you have sold, requested, and planned, that comes up to NINE! Is that right? You go, girl!

  3. Yup,I'm a list maker. Jot things down and forget where I put the list. What a weeble!

  4. Nine? LOL! I suppose you're right, Carla...I'm glad some of them are written already!

  5. I have not set any goals since we moved in Aug of '07, and it's showed. That's something I want to attack in '09.

    Yes, attack!