Friday, December 19, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:
Five things I need to get done before Jan. 1st
1. Inventory. This one looms large. Not only the counting, but the costing.
2. Meet with business accountant.
3. End of year business meeting, typing of minutes, etc. for company book. Wonder if I will get a raise this year?
4. Meet with business lawyer.
5. And the most urgent at the moment: Plan a dessert to bring to church on Sunday for a welcome home dinner for David R. who is a United States Marine and just graduated from Dive School.
What do you have coming up in the next ten days or so?


  1. Everything! I haven't done a thing for Christmas yet! I'm so bad at this =(

  2. We have our anniversary, Christmas Eve service, Christmas, going to see a band, a family Christmas and a birthday. I should probably wrap presents soon too. And today I am making cookies. Other than that, things are about normal :o)

  3. I baked some cookies. Got a request to make fudge. Gifts all wrapped. Flat file needs to be cleaned. Computer workstation needs to be cleaned as well as the basement. I think I'll take a nap

  4. I have to mail a gift TODAY, order a gift TODAY, and order my husband's favorite Chicago deep-dish pizza for his birthday (Christmas Eve). Otherwise, I'm good.

  5. I'm going to find a cave and hibernate until after Christmas. :)

  6. Survive Christmas and set better goals for next year.