Friday, December 12, 2008

The Friday Five

I am addicted to cooking shows on PBS. I love to watch them, though I don't like to cook, and often they make things I would never eat anyway. Esp. the seafood.
But today's Friday Five is:
My five favorite cooking shows on PBS.
1. Lidia's Italy. I love this show with Lidia Bastianich.
2. America's Test Kitchen. MMMMMMMMM.
3. Mexico: One Plate at a Time, with Rick Bayless. Such interesting ingredients and methods.
4. Made in Spain. Maybe it's Jose's accent, maybe it's the fabulous pictures of Spain...dunno, but it's a fun one. (I'm watching it right now.)
5. Cooking with Jacques and Julia. This one's a classic. They worked so well together.
Do you watch cooking shows? Do you watch a how-to show demonstrating something you would never do? Am I alone in this???


  1. I hate cooking, but we watch Top Chef, we watch a number of Food Network cooking shows. They can be very entertaining.

    We got into it because my mom-in-law got my daughter hooked on it. They both love cooking. Weird.

  2. I used to love watching The Galloping Gourmet. A big favorite of the girls is Alton Brown. I enjoy watching This Old House and Yankee Workshop.

  3. Another Alton Brown fan here. And Ace of Cakes. They make the coolest, most far-out cakes you'll ever see. Both are on Food Network.